Take Us Seriously

Children's Voices To Politicians, Parties and Authorities

Take us seriously
UNICEF/I. Kapetanovic


Child participation is defined as an ongoing process of children’s expression and active involvement in decisionmaking at different levels in matters that concern them. It requires information-sharing and dialogue between children and adults, based on mutual respect and full consideration of children’s views in the light of their age and maturity. Children as a group are not outside the influence of politics – political party programmes have both direct and indirect impacts on the lives of children. In many cases, it is obvious that children’s voices are barely heard. Therefore, the inclusion of children’s attitudes and expectations in political and election campaigns will engage politicians in positions of power and authority in BiH. With this in mind, UNICEF carried out an opinion poll on children’s expectations from political parties with regard to children’s rights. The poll is aimed at making children’s voice heard by government authorities, political parties, future candidates, MPs, the media and society as a whole.

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