An Evaluation of the Early Childhood Care and Development Programme in Bhutan

An assessment of ECCD services’ relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability in Bhutan.

A group of ECCD children


The ECCD Evaluation Report is the first comprehensive national evaluation of ECCD that focuses on ECCD services in the country through multi-sectoral lenses  It assessed the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of the provision of existing ECCD services in Bhutan.

The evaluation was based on samples from nine districts across all three regions (east, central, west) with survey responses collected from about 1,036 respondents, child data from 584 children, and 54 interviews.

The report will serve as a critical reference document for the first Multi-sectoral ECCD Strategic Action Plan of Bhutan, which is currently being developed by Ministry of Education and UNICEF. 

Cover page of the ECCD report featuring three children in Laya
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