UNICEF in Serbia

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Reaching Out to Families in Need

The idea is to identify families in need of assistance – then send the outreach workers to collaborate with their clients to create a tailor-made support programme. Prevention and early intervention are the keys to success in keeping families together – once they have split up it is usually difficult to reunite them.


Real Lives

Kindergartens without Borders for the Best Start in Life

UNICEF is supporting the Kindergartens without Borders project, in cooperation with Serbia's government, academic institutions, municipalities and NGO partners, and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. It is opening up places for children – especially those from socially disadvantaged backgrounds – and improving the all-round quality of pre-school education.

Real Lives


Outreach Workers Help Families Cope with Crisis

In natural disasters, the most vulnerable members of society usually come off worst. SoUNICEF has been working with the Centre for Protection of Infants, Children and Youth and the City of Belgrade's Centre for Social Work to set up a network of Family Outreach Workers - who can provide timely, tailor-made assistance at times of crisis.

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