Ministry of Labour and National Authority and UNICEF: Children are a priority!

BUCHAREST, 1 June 2014 - The Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and the Elderly (MLFSPE) and the National Authority for Child Rights Protection and Adoption (NACRPA), with the support of UNICEF Romania, celebrated the International Children’s Day together, at the Village Museum. 

Romanian postage stamps invite you to say END violence against children!

Bucharest, Friday, 30th May 2014. Romfilatelia, a constant supporter of cultural and historical national values and symbols, was often involved, throughout its 10 years of existence, in numerous national social programs, supporting, promoting and raising awareness of worthy causes, trying to stimulate the public about projects of social importance and determine changes for the better.

Government of Romania, World Bank and UNICEF: early child education is a priority!

Bucharest, 10 April 2014. On the occasion of the Seventh World Bank’s Europe and Central Asia Education Conference on ”Strengthening Early Childhood Education Systems: Investing Early to Ensure Effective Learning”, organised by the World Bank in partnership with the Romanian Ministry of Education, UNICEF and the Open Society Foundation, UNICEF called for increased investment in Romania and committed its support.


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