Nune Mangasaryan, UNICEF Representative to Moldova “Breast milk is the best product for babies, but is the worst advertised one”

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As the world marks the Global Breastfeeding Week, read an interview with Nune Mangasaryan, UNICEF Representative to Moldova, about the benefits of the breast milk and our role in supporting breastfeeding mothers.

Global Breastfeeding Week 2016

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In an interview on breastfeeding, Nune Mangasaryan, UNICEF Representative to Moldova, explains how breastfeeding is supported in the Scandinavian countries, why a breasted baby does not need to be given water, and why it is important to breastfeed the baby any time she is hungry.


Vladimir Cebotari, Minister of Justice of Moldova, Nune Mangasaryan, UNICEF Reprezentative to Moldova, and Victor Zaharia, IRP Director, signed a Memorandum to reduce the number of children in contact with the justice system by 2017

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UNICEF and the Ministry of Justice aim to offer all children a justice system that is sensitive to their age and gender and that protects them from violence, abuse and neglect while preventing them from entering in conflict with the law.




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