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Ghana’s Inclusive education policy

25 August 2014 – In the last few months a group of educators and policy makers, with the support of UNICEF, have been working away at creating a policy that will change the way that Ghana’s marginalized children: children with disabilities, ethnic minorities, the ultra-poor are perceived, served and included in the education system. This is the inclusive education policy as it is called, states that: ‘ Inclusive schools must recognize and respond to the diverse needs of their students, accommodating both different styles and rates of learning and ensuring quality education to all through appropriate curricula, organizational arrangements, teaching strategies, resource use and in partnerships with their communities.’


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Raruf lives in the Upper West region of Ghana, and he was born with a disability in his leg. After spending a few years with his family in Accra, Raruf’s father sent him home to his grandfather who enrolled him at Lambussie DA Primary School.

Settling in a new school and making friends is not easy in normal times, but in Raruf’s case, his legs and his difficulty to walk set him apart from the other children. “When I first arrived at school, the boys chased me away", he says. "They called me a 'sickler', they told me that I could not play with them. It made me feel sad. I used to say: ‘let me join you – you will see, God will help me’”.


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