Handwashing with Ananse

Handwashing with Ananse is a three-chapter story and game experience centred on the popular Ghanaian folklore character Ananse. He often takes the form of a spider who likes to trick other people. In this game, Ananse has stolen all the knowledge about handwashing and hid it in his pockets. 


Delayed breastfeeding increases risk of newborn deaths by up to 80 per cent

Accra, 2 August 2016 – About 500,000 newborns or 1 in 2 in Ghana are not put to the breast within an hour of birth, depriving them of the essential nutrients, antibodies and skin-to-skin bonding with their mother that respectively nourish, protect them from disease and death, and keep them warm, UNICEF said. 


Breastfeeding within an hour of birth saves our newborns

Thousands of newborn babies die every year in Ghana simply because initiation of breastfeeding is delayed at birth. Delaying breastfeeding by 2 to 23 hours after birth, increases the risk of a newborn dying within the first 28 days of life by 40%. Delaying it further by 24 hours or more increases the risk of death by 80%.  

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