Promise practices the skill of dribbling through cones designed to also help in his steadiness.


“I will go close to children who are physically challenged and invite them to play with me because I know they are just like me.”



CMAM is an innovative approach to managing severe acute malnutrition in children 6-59 months of age. The programme is run by the Ghana Health service. The components of the programme include searching for cases in the community by health workers, and the involvement of the community in the detection and referral of cases for treatment. With technical support from UNICEF, health workers and community volunteers have been trained to identify and refer cases they find in their communities. It was on one of those community case searches by health workers that Rakeem was found and sent to the health center for rehabilitation.

Since 2011 when the programme was introduced in Tolon, data available from the DHMT shows that there has been over 75% recovery rate for children who were enrolled and successfully recovered from their condition. Previously diagnosis and treatment was only at the facility level out of reach of many caregivers. But now CMAM is practiced at the doorstep of community members making it more accessible. Again, more children have been identified and treated because of effective monitoring by health workers and volunteers.

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