26 October 2020

RESULTS-BASED-FINANCING/Strengthening the health delivery system in Zimbabwe

The Results-Based Financing Programme (RBF) makes health services in Zimbabwe accessible through removing user fees with a particular focus on mothers and children.The programme rewards health facilities based on their performance and is funded by the Health Development Fund (HDF) donors in 42 rural districts of Zimbabwe, while the remaining 18 districts are funded by the Government of Zimbabwe and the World Bank. The Programme allows more people to access health services, supporting the World Health Organisation Goals of Universal Health Coverage that aims to ensure that all people obtain the health services they need without suffering financial hardship due to scarcity of funds. Focussed on rural areas, the RBF programme has made great strides to reach those mothers and children who are geographically marginalized and have little or no resources at their disposal. For mothers and children living with a disability, this is even more so the case. Given RBF is geared towards inclusiveness and that it works through and with existing systems and structures, it is perfectly placed to deal with the challenges people living with disability (PLWDs) face when it comes to accessing basic healthcare services. This way, governments, health institutions and communities will not only become more aware, but also, we hope, champion opportunities for the RBF programme to add value through targeted interventions, ensuring rural health facilities become more accessible and inclusive.