Citizen's Guide to the 2019 Budget

The 2019 Budget is the first step towards implementing the Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP) (Oct 2018 – Dec 2020) whose main objective is to restore economic stability, which is critical for the attainment of the country’s Vision.


A government budget is a yearly nancial plan presenting the sources of money and spending for a nancial year. It is approved by the parliamentarians and is presented by the Minister of Finance to the nation. It is a way which governments provide for basic necessities like health, education, roads, water and sanitation, and social services.

A government can either have a balanced budget, budget de cit or a surplus. A budget surplus occurs when you have more money than what to spend it on. Whilst a budget de cit occurs when you have less money than what to spend it on. A balanced budget occurs when money collected is the same as money spent.

Parliament of Zimbabwe. (Pepukai Chivore, Asha Jenje and Perfect Mashapa)
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