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Small Zimbabwe cash transfers pay big dividends for rural poor
At 16, Phoebe has more responsibilities than many adults twice her age. While most adolescents are focused on school, friends, and a few chores around the house, Phoebe has much more on her mind.

Child poverty hurts the nation
In a 2013 report, the World Bank estimated that up to 400 million children under the age of 17 worldwide lived in extreme poverty, the majority in Asia and Africa. This is a staggering number and indicates the pervasive inequalities between and within cou

Taking stock of children’s rights, 25 years on
I was deeply moved by how in the most difficult of human conditions, there was great jubilation from the people present at the birth of this little boy. Yet there is no doubt that this baby has a disadvantaged start in life.

UNICEF opens resource centre at Women’s University in Africa
UNICEF Zimbabwe has strengthened its partnership with the Women’s University in Africa (WUA) by opening a Resource Centre for students studying the Post Graduate Diploma in Child Sensitive Policies.

Child President End of Year Statement
As this year draws to a close, my cabinet and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the children of Zimbabwe and many of the stakeholders that we worked with in 2013 for your many contributions to the successes of the current Junior Parliamen

Vulnerable children speak out on the Child Protection Fund
Vulnerable children who have been receiving critical child protection services under the Child Protection Fund recently attended the second bi-annual meeting of the Working Party of Officials (National Child Protection Committee) and shared their views on

Barclays Bank donates to the Child Friendly National Budgeting Initiative in Zimbabwe
Barclays Bank Zimbabwe has donated an additional US$45 000 to the Child-Friendly National Budgeting Initiative (CFNBI) run by UNICEF in partnership with the Zimbabwe Youth Council to allow the participation of children in the budgeting processes so that t

Zimbabwe children tell their stories through one minute videos
Over the past week, seventeen children (nine girls and eight boys) from around the country created one minute videos to comment on their lives and to express their aspirations and fears.

More than 850,000 infants saved from HIV since 2005, but alarming trends seen among adolescents
A new report released today by UNICEF shows great progress has been made to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV, with more than 850,000 new childhood infections averted between 2005 and 2012 in low- and middle-income countries.

More than 850,000 infants saved from HIV since 2005, but alarming trends seen among adolescents
NEW YORK, 29 November 2013 – A new report released today by UNICEF shows great progress has been made to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV, with more than 850,000 new childhood infections averted between 2005 and 2012

On Universal Children’s Day, put hidden violence and abuse in the spotlight, says UNICEF
25 November 2013 - As the world marks Universal Children’s Day - the anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Children present priority issues for the 2014 National Budget
28 November 2013 - Several Child Cabinet Ministers met their senior counterparts to make submissions and recommendations from the Child Cabinet following a session held yesterday.

Children Priority Issues in the 2014 National Budget
28 November 2013 - Children are sometimes left out in crucial decision-making processes on matters that affect them, for various reasons.

The Government of Zimbabwe and UNICEF launch campaign against child sexual abuse
The government of Zimbabwe through the Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development and UNICEF have launched a campaign against child sexual abuse and rape.

News note: The Youth-Zone on Zi-FM
August 2013 - The Y-Zone is a clarion call of Zimbabwe’s children’s intention to express themselves through the use of media, in general, and radio in particular.

Make the Invisible Visible: UNICEF urges louder voices and urgent action to fight violence against children
31 July 2013 –Violence against children is all too often unseen, unheard and underreported, said UNICEF today, announcing an initiative that urges ordinary citizens, lawmakers and governments to speak out more forcefully to fight violence against children

Opening the world to disabled people
July 2013 - Just a few years ago, few people in Zimbabwe were aware of the challenges facing people with disabilities and their families. Fearful of social stigma, many parents of disabled children for example avoided sending them to school.

Press statement: Joint statement by the Zimbabwe Youth Council and UNICEF to mark the 2013 Day of the African Child
16 June, 2013: Today, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and Zimbabwe Youth Council join Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa to commemorate the Day of the African Child.

HIV positive adolescents want to be accepted as they are
April 2013 - The fig trees blossoming bright white and yellow flowers are not real, but what they symbolise is real. “We call them trees of hope,” says 18-year-old Tina.

Children with disabilities flourish against the odds
April 2013 - Despite coordination problems, Grace Ncube darts along a bustling street, with a black purse swinging from her neck, to meet a car pulling up at her home. Beaming, she opens each car door, hugging everyone.

Children on the move
April 2013 - Some people attempt to cross Zimbabwe’s border into neighbouring South Africa or Botswana for economic reasons, but for seventeen-year-old Nicholas Sibanda, it seems it was just to be with his mother again.

Youth mentorship visits give hope to communities
April 2013 - Patience Sanyangore is modest about the difference she has made to people in her community. She lives in Hatcliffe Extension, a sprawling resettlement in the suburbs of Harare.

Keep children out of harm’s way, UNICEF Executive Director urges Zimbabweans
8 March, 2013 – UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake has urged Zimbabweans to protect children as the country heads towards a constitutional referendum and elections expected this year.

The disability that prevents Munashe from using his hands proves no barrier to his education
28 December 2012 – At King George IV School of the Disabled, 17-year-old Munashe Chikuvanyanga, a Form 1 student, is taking a final examination in mathematics.





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