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UNICEF designs programmes which help ensure that every child survives in a safe environment

One of the major achievements of the UNICEF Child Protection Programme has been the implementation of Programme of Support for OVC under the leadership of the Ministry of Labor and Social Services. Through this multi-donor pooled fund, UNICEF worked through more than 150 NGO partners to reach more than 300,000 orphans and vulnerable children with free support in education, nutrition, psycho-social support and livelihood related activities.

A secondary benefit has been capacity building of many of these partners which include a high proportion of national community and faith-based organizations. In relation to the objective to increase proportion of children protected from violence and abuse, 17 child and victim friendly courts are now functional with an average of 3-4,000 children passing through the system every year.

UNICEF is also working with a range of local and international NGO partners to protect children from child irregular migration and trafficking. Hundreds of vulnerable children have been provided with care and support services at the borders of South Africa and Botswana and more than 30,000 children, parents and community members reached with advocacy messages to prevent against this problem.


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