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Biography - Nigel Mugamu

Nigel Mugamu is extremely passionate about technology and community-based initiatives. While he living in Edinburgh Scotland, he immersed himself in social media as a means of keeping in touch with developments back home in Zimbabwe.

He returned home and continued his social media journey. In September 2012, Nigel established a twitter-based platform called @263Chat. Use of the #263Chat hashtag and indeed the twitter handle @263Chat attempts to add value by initially creating an avenue for the much-needed dialogue to take place. The award-winning initiative was presented with a Highway Africa Award in September 2013 - New Media Awards 2013 Innovative Use of Technology for Community Engagement. Essentially @263Chat also attempts to bring a diverse group of Zimbabweans together to crowd-source solutions and raise awareness of various social issues relating to Zimbabweans and their daily lives.

263Chat is now a fully-fledge business in Zimbabwe offering amongst other services, social media consultancy and ultimately a convener of important dialogue in Zimbabwe. 263Chat is effectively a social enterprise.

Nigel holds several leadership positions including being the Co-Founder and Board Member of Hypercube Technology Hub. Hypercube a tech hub recently launched in Harare Zimbabwe. He is also a Board Member of Prosper Africa Film Fund Zimbabwe.

Nigel holds a Bachelor of Financial Administration (Accounting) and an MBA. 




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