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UNICEF gets assistance to children and women evacuated from the floods in Tokwe-Mukosi

© Richard Nyamanhindi 2014
UNICEF has gotten assistance to children and women in the Tokwe-Mukosi flood affected area.

By Richard Nyamanhindi

At least 700 families out of the 2514, of which 70 per cent are women and children have been evacuated from the Tokwe-Mukosi Dam following the increased water levels that have left may homeless and without food and clean water.   

Children and women in the transit and holding camps who are being transported to safety through lorries, tractors and scotch carts look frail and emaciated.

UNICEF staff working with the Zimbabwe Women Investment and other development agencies is ensuring that children and women arriving at the holding camps outside the Tokwe catchment area are provided with clean water, blankets, and soap.

An increased number of children have been received in such camps as Chingwizi and Gororo. They are confused and traumatised by the evacuations.

UNICEF staff is accompanying children identified as vulnerable until they reach safety to ensure they are not separated from their families or otherwise placed at risk.




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