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The Young People we care volunteers play ian active role in providing support to their peers who have been affected by HIV and AIDS. The volunteers work alongside Home Based Care Givers, providing support in the form of doing household chores

UNICEF supports the Government of Zimbabwe in strategic documentation, planning and implementation of the National Behaviour Change Strategy.  Further to this, technical assistance is also extended to the Government's applications and rollout of the Global Funds to fight TB, AIDS and Malaria.  

Through the Young People We Care (YPWC) programme young people from 25 districts of Zimbabwe are trained to actively support individuals and households affected by HIV and AIDS. More than 6000 young people have been trained to actively participate in YPWC activities and offer support to over 50,000 OVC and their families. 

UNICEF also supports the training and provision of palliative care and counseling for Home based care givers. The training of community based volunteers and family care givers, including children, focuses on provision of basic nursing to PLWHA general hygiene and prevention of cross infection. 

The Youth and Sports for development project is an HIV prevention programme targeting the most vulnerable children and youths. Sport is used to disseminate information on prevention and support in relation to HIV and AIDS.   

Programmes have been developed to respond to the needs and challenges of  adolescents living with HIV. This includes basic learning materials about HIV prevention and treatment to enhance their knowledge of the condition, assistance with proper adherence patterns and prevention of re-infection or further transmission of the virus.
In addition to supporting the roll out of adult male circumcision as an HIV prevention strategy, UNICEF is supporting a feasibility study on neonatal male circumcision.

© NICEF/Myhren/2009
Prevention of Mother to child transmission of HIV is a key intervention towards HIV prevention



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