Basic education and gender equality

Basic education and gender equality




Zimbabwe Ministry of Education to review curricula
On any given day, more than two million children in Zimbabwe go to school. Whether they sit in buildings, in tents or under trees, ideally they are learning, developing and enriching their lives.

UNICEF to distribute science kits to all secondary schools in Zimbabwe
After realizing the challenges facing the promotion and teaching of Science in Zimbabwe and the ever-increasing number of pupils failing the subject – the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education through its Strategic Plan (2011-2015)...

UNICEF and partners join hands to give out of school children a second chance in Zimbabwe
November 2013 - Gertrude Dumbu, aged 15, grasps a piece of chalk firmly in her hand and carefully traces out the letters of a word on the makeshift blackboard in front of the class.

Revitalizing science education through the provision of equipment and teacher training in Zimbabwe
28 November 2013 -Sazilina Masukume has been teaching Science at Makotore Satellite Secondary School in Masvingo for more than a decade now. Since she started, she has seldom carried out practical science experiments...

Zimbabwe launches an education strategy on life skills, sexuality and HIV and AIDS
19 October 2013 –The Government of Zimbabwe has called for increased access to knowledge and life skills for children and young people regarding their sexual and reproductive health and to HIV prevention, care and treatment services.

On International Day of the Girl Child, innovation key to more girls in school and learning
11 October 2013 - To mark the second International Day of the Girl Child, UNICEF today highlighted the power of innovation to get more girls in school and improve the quality of learning for all children.

Life of a rural girl in Zimbabwe
October 2013 - In commemorating the second edition of the International Day of the Girl Child – I talked to Silibaziso Munkuli, aged 17 of Manjolo Village in Binga to understand some of the challenges she faces on a day-to-day basis and her aspirations.

Opinion: A simple solution with far-reaching benefits – the power is in our hands
October 2013 - Girls’ education is the single most powerful investment for development. Studies have shown that girls’ education is consistently associated with positive development outcomes such as reduced maternal mortality, smaller families and more.

Education promises a better future for marginalized girls in Zimbabwe
3 September 2013 - In this rural district of Mutasa in Zimbabwe, everyone takes part in farming on some level, whether you are a child helping your mother weed the fields or an old woman harvesting the produce in a field.

Educating Zimbabwe’s most disadvantaged children through community participation
3 September 2013 - The school motto, printed on the white board in the small school office, is simple: “Education is a necessity”. It is appropriate.

Children are given hope with quality education
April 2013 - Eleven-year-old Moses has come to school without a packed lunch. “I sometimes bring popcorn and a cool drink,” he says.

UNICEF Executive Director visits school and clinic benefitting from essential supplies in Zimbabwe
11 March 2013 – Twelve-year-old Macronald Moyo diligently finishes the classwork for one of his favourite subjects – English. “I want to learn English,” he says, “because it will help me to get a good job one day.”

The disability that prevents Munashe from using his hands proves no barrier to his education
28 December 2012 – At King George IV School of the Disabled, 17-year-old Munashe Chikuvanyanga, a Form 1 student, is taking a final examination in mathematics.

Zimbabwe Education system on the road to recovery
11 July 2012 - Owen Simon from Bryn School towers above most of his fellow Grade 5 classmates. At 16 years old, Owen should be in his second year of secondary education but due to circumstances beyond his control, he finds himself in Grade 5.

The Education Transition Fund is rewriting Zimbabwe’s education system
11 July 2012 – Using a machine resembling a typewriter, 15-year-old Kubulani Mbusa creates an embossed pattern on a white page. “This is my name,” he said proudly.

Child Friendly Schools Initiative – Creating learning opportunities for the girl child
22 February 2012 - Clad in her worn out attire, Gogo Jimisai Dick sits underneath the shed of her mango tree, resting and awaiting the return of her 12 year old great-granddaughter Lister from school.





Fact sheet: Educational Transition Fund

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