A life-changing internship programme for girls in Zambia

Watch the powerful story of one girl who took part in the Zambian Girls2030 programme

John James
An adolescent Zambian girl looks at the camera with a smile
26 December 2018

When she was first selected for an internship opportunity, Salia Kabonda knew she was one of the lucky ones.

“At my school I was a member of the career club and I was selected to come for this internship. I was so happy. This time, it's my chance to go there and I'm going to learn more about what I need to be.”

As you can watch in our video below, Salia took part in the Zambian Girls 2030 project run by the Ministry of General Education, supported by UNICEF with generous funding from the London Stock Exchange Group and implementation by Restless Development.

The project aims to give teenage girls training in life skills and financial literacy, and a broader vision for their careers. More than 200 school clubs are up and running, complemented by an annual motivational career camp, and two rounds of internship programmes in the spring and summer. So far 5,408 girls are participating in the school career clubs. 829 girls have gone through the summer career camps and 233 girls have completed two weeks of internship placements.