Scaling-Up Nutrition (SUN) Newsletter, July 2022

Find out the latest from Zambia's flagship nutrition programme

Namukolo Nyambe (28) – Nutrition Support Group Volunteer delivering a nutrition lesson to a household in Mongu District, Western Province.


In 2022, the Government of Zambia, with support from United Nations agencies and cooperating partners, continued to accelerate the implementation of the SUN II programme at district level. With the reduced COVID-19 pandemic challenges and constraints during the last half of the year 2021, it became possible to gain momentum with implementation. The dedicated focus to reach communities, households, and intended beneficiaries in an integrated manner as well as the Mid-Term Review of the SUNII programme, conducted in March 2022, where the recommended actions were to improve service delivery and integration at community levels also made the programme see great achievement across sectoral activities the first half of 2022.


The technical support from the United Nations partners and enhanced coordination at the district level also saw the programme achieve results across sectors. The achievements scored show the programme’s increased understanding of multi-sectoral collaboration and coordinated approach which has led to increased momentum in programme implementation, sectoral ownership of the activities, all of which are crucial steps for effecting change in children’s nutrition and the sustainability of the programme. Furthermore, the leadership and commitment of the District Commissioners, District Administrative Officers, District Nutrition Coordinating Committees and Sectoral Heads has been crucial for concerted and coordinated programme implementation at the district level, with support from the provincial leadership.


NFNC’s leadership to enhance coordination at the province and district level and accelerated technical support from UNICEF and other UN partners (FAO, WFP and WHO) was crucial to achieve these key results for the SUN II programme in the first half of 2022. With these remarks I am therefore pleased to share highlights of some of the progress made from January to June 2022 in this fourth issue of the Scaling Up Nutrition Phase 2 newsletter.

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