MDGi Zambia Impact Stories Book

Accelerating the reduction of maternal, neonatal and child mortality

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As the pages of this coffee book testify so powerfully, the Millennium Development Goal Initiative deserves to be remembered for its remarkable impact on the lives of people in Zambia, particularly women and children. Through images, data and stories, the following pages highlight first-hand accounts from Zambians describing how their lives have been changed for the better and how millions of children now enjoy improved health services and a better start in life. We wanted to share these voices with a wider audience so that the experiences and lessons of MDGi can be more widely understood and celebrated.

There is no doubt that lives have been saved because of MDGi.

The subtitle of the MDGi programme emphasised accelerating the on-going reduction in child deaths. Indeed, analysing the Demographic and Health Survey results for the past 30 years shows that since a peak in 1996, infant, child and under-5 mortality rates have been in steady decline. The latest figures published as the MDGi programme was drawing to a close confirmed this trend. We believe MDGi has made a significant contribution to making motherhood and childhood much safer. MDGi has also influenced health care, nutrition and adolescent services throughout the country, including through some 50 different technical guidance documents that were supported over the six-year programme. Other highlights with national impact include the upgraded DHIS2 and the successful advocacy for ready-to-use therapeutic food being included on the national essential commodities list.

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