MDGi project baseline studies (2014-2015)

Three baseline reports at the start of the MDGi health project in Lusaka and Copperbelt

Mother and child


MDGi’s interventions are based on the data and findings obtained in baseline assessments that were completed during the inception phase of the programme. The baselines were intended to ensure that MDGi is designed on the basis of current, quality data, which identifies the most appropriate and effective strategies to accelerate the reduction of maternal and child mortality.

Three of the studies are available here for downloading:


1. Health Facility Assessment Survey

Summary: Health facilities and health workers in 11 districts on health facility readiness to provide maternal and child health care services. For more information about the Baseline. Copyright: Government of the Republic of Zambia/2014. 82 pages.

2. The Lot Quality Assurance Sampling Survey

Summary: Asked mothers and children in Lusaka and Copperbelt Provinces about their knowledge practices and health care services—and their accessibility—in the area of mother and child health. Lead researcher: Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and IPSOS. Copyright: Government of the Republic of Zambia/2014. 185 pages.

3. The Institutional and Regulatory Framework Assessment

Summary: Examines the overall regulatory environment in which the Zambian health system operates. Lead researcher: Dr Buleti Nsemukila. Copyright: Government of the Republic of Zambia/2014. 38 pages.

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