Analytical Brief of the 2019 Social Sector Budget in Zambia

Analysis of social sector spending in the 2019 budget

A grandmother and grandchildren outside  their home in Ndola, Zambia


The overall budgetary allocation to the Social sector has increased nominally by 18% from K22.8 billion in 2018 to K26.9 billion in 2019.

Allocation to Water and Sanitation has increased almost threefold. However, most of the resources will be spent in urban areas where access to water and sanitation is already better than rural areas.

Health and education budgets have also gone up significantly. In health, Zambia will for the first time implement the National Health Insurance which potentially puts the country on a path to universal coverage. In education, the core programmes will be focused on improving the quality of teachers which is being seen as one way of improving quality of education. The education budget however skewed  towards tertiary education raising concerns about fairness.

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