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National Assessment Report on Child Care Facilities [PDF]

Summary: The Nationwide Assessment of Child Care Facilities in Zambia is an important milestone for the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services. It has provided useful insight and enlightened all of us on the plight of children living in child care facilities. The assessment has set into motion the wheels of change for how the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services as well as all concerned stakeholders respond to the varied situations of children in need of care. The findings of the assessment have resounded a clear call on all us to begin moving away from unnecessary placement of children into child care facilities and work towards promoting and supporting family based care.

Date of publication: July 2017


Qualitative Study of Child Marriage in Six Districts of Zambia [PDF]

Summary: This study was conducted to gain insight into the dynamics leading to and resulting from child marriage in Zambia. It focused on obtaining in-depth, qualitative information on the underlying social, cultural and economic factors that motivate and sustain child marriage. The study found that child marriage is not so much a social norm as well a manifestation of socio-economic disparities. Child marriage is widely practiced across all six sites where data was collected.

Date of publication: August 2015



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