Overview – Programming to realize children's rights


Overview – Programming to realize children's rights

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The UNICEF Programme of Cooperation 2011-2015 with the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) is designed to address and mitigate the triple threat of poverty the country’s children face, while responding to the needs with interventions addressing the multiple causative factors.

In response to the combination these threats involve the Programme supports national efforts to improve service delivery in the key areas of: child health and nutrition and HIV and AIDS, quality basic education, water, sanitation and hygiene education, child protection and social policy, advocacy and communication.

Aligned to help achieve the objectives of the GRZ’s Sixth National Development Plan, the Programme is led by the need to respond – rapidly and comprehensively – to the impact of the HIV and AIDS pandemic through integrated, community based, child and family-focussed programmes.

In the concerted effort to mainstream HIV and AIDS, all sectoral programmes are designed to contribute to realising the “4 Ps,” which are:

  • Preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV (PMTCT);
  • Providing paediatric treatment;
  • Preventing infection amongst adolescents and young people;
  • Protecting and supporting children affected by HIV and AIDS.

Strategies for implementing, monitoring and evaluating the Programme’s component parts are based on a human rights approach and include:

  • Outreach to the most vulnerable and marginalized children, especially those orphaned and those living in remote rural areas;
  • Capacity-building of all stakeholders to understand and fulfill children’s rights; assisting children, young people and communities to participate in and lead their own development;
  • Advocacy for child rights within policy development, placing children at the centre of the debate and of all poverty reduction and human development programmes;
  • Mainstreaming HIV and AIDS in all aspects of the programmes.

Overall, the Programme is integrated between and among sectors and has a number of cross-cutting components, so that it works harmoniously in a unified way to deliver measurable gains for children.



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