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7 March 2018: UNICEF report: Over half a billion ‘uncounted’ children live in countries unable to measure SDG progress

28 December 2017: Children under attack at shocking scale in conflicts around the world, says UNICEF

15 December 2017: In 2018 make migration safe for every child – UNICEF

11 December 2017: UNICEF: Make the digital world safer for children – while increasing online access to benefit the most disadvantaged

11 December 2017: Global complacency threatens the lives of children and adolescents as world set to miss global AIDS target – UNICEF

20 November 2017: Despite progress, 180 million children face bleaker prospects than their parents – UNICEF

14-16 November 2017: Ministry of Health inaugurates new and refurbished maternity wings in Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces, supported by the MDGi Programme with European Union funds

26 October 2017: Dividend or Disaster: UNICEF’s new report into population growth in Africa

21 September 2017: Only 15 countries worldwide have three essential national policies that support families with young children – UNICEF

29 August 2017: More than 180 million people lack basic drinking water in countries ravaged by conflict or unrest - UNICEF

11 August 2017: The Government of the Republic of Zambia welcomes newly appointed UNICEF Representative

1 August 2017: Babies and mothers worldwide failed by lack of investment in breastfeeding

13 July 2017: 2.1 billion people lack safe drinking water at home, more than twice as many lack safe sanitation

14 June 2017: Launch of the Lancet ECD series in Zambia

5 June 2017: MDGi hands over four refurbished Health Centres to the Ministry of Health in Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces

17 May 2017: Five-fold increase in number of refugee and migrant children traveling alone since 2010 – UNICEF

11 May 2017: Towards universal birth registration in Zambia

22 March 2017: Nearly 600 million children will live in areas with extremely limited water resources by 2040 – UNICEF

15 March 2017: MDGi hands over refurbished Butondo Urban health facility to Ministry of Health

11 December 2016: UNICEF commemorates 70 years of tireless work for the world’s most vulnerable children

17 May 2016: MDGi hands over refurbished Copperbelt health facilities to Ministry of Health

6 May 2016: MDGi hands over refurbished Chilanga health facility to Ministry of Health

16 July 2015: Participatory theatre gains momentum, new vision and renewed focus

6 July 2015: UNICEF and Africa Directions launch a new global initiative on Theatre for Development

22 June 2015: Zambia's social cash transfers spark a broad range of impact

19 March 2014: Zambia chosen as UNICEF Innovation Laboratory

10 May 2013: EU grants €44 million to the Government of the Republic of Zambia to support the acceleration of progress towards maternal neonatal and child morbidity and mortality reduction

6 Nov 2012: Barclays Bank and UNICEF renew youth skills building partnership in Zambia

31 October 2012: Zambia hosts H4+ annual meeting

20 September 2012: US$211.25 million pledged to education sector

10 September 2012: National measles campaign launched

4 September 2012: UNICEF Zambia partners with government to support National Literacy Week

1 August 2012: Global Breastfeeding Week observed

27 July 2012: UNICEF honours HRH Chief Macha for community-led total sanitation

20 July 2012: ‘Brothers for Life Zambia’ to air new round of television and radio public service announcements

20 April 2012: High level meeting on AIDS concludes: “Innovations key to halting mother-to-child transmission of HIV”

27 January 2012: UNICEF signs agreement with Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia

16 January 2012: Netherlands provides US$10 million for UNICEF education programme in Zambia

9 January 2012: DFID providing UNICEF with new funding to help Zambia reach health and environment MDGs with equity

17 November 2011: Using cell phones to strengthen health services

9 November 2011: UNICEF Zambia supports Child Health Week, targets 2.3 Million children with health interventions

24 October 2011: Zambian chief decorated by President for work on sanitation

15 September 2011: “Brothers for Life” media campaign to raise HIV awareness in Zambia

September 2011: UNICEF Zambia hosts a study team from the Western and Central African Region

17 August 2011: Zambian Children’s Climate Conference (ZCCC) opens

30 July 2011: UNICEF celebrates Global Breastfeeding Week by taking the message beyond health clinics

27 July 2011: President Kaunda agrees to serve as “Brothers for Life” ambassador

27 July 2011: Third national conference on child justice held

23 June 2011: UNICEF Appoints Zimbabwean musician Oliver Mtukudzi as Regional Goodwill Ambassador for Eastern and Southern Africa

19 June 2011: It's Child Health Week again

16 June 2011: UNICEF calls on African governments to protect children from violence, exploitation, and abuse



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