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The state of Zambia's children


Burden of disease and death

Inadequacy of response

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Inadequacy of response

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The burden of disease and death leaves most children orphaned at a tender age and most are raised by grandparents or fellow children.

The scale of the crisis in Zambia – caused by poverty, morbidity and mortality – has in far too many cases overwhelmed the capacity to cope.

Although community networks are increasingly stepping in to provide care for children or elderly people, the absorption capacity of the traditional extended network is becoming exhausted. Increasing demand and decreasing incomes have reduced the capacity to provide adequate support for additional dependents. At community level, efforts to provide home-based care or to help children and vulnerable women are often inundated by demand.

The overall goal of the Government of the Republic of Zambia’s (GRZ) Fifth National Development Plan is poverty reduction. At national level, improving governance and increasing capacity in the civil service are prerequisites for Zambia to move towards this, by effectively managing a comprehensive response to counter and turn around the crisis affecting the country.



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