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November 2011: Raising our voice

© UNICEF Zambia/2011/Slavin
Climate Ambassador Mercy Kambidima, left, interviewing Ambassador Meele Saniko, right, while Ambassador Katongo Chola looks on.

By Chanda Katelele, Climate Ambassador

SOLWEZI, Zambia – On the 27th October 2011, Solwezi-based Climate Ambassadors, who are part of Unite4Climate Zambia, attended a workshop on media training by the Children’s Radio Foundation.

The first two days of the workshop were after school, and we couldn’t wait to arrive. We wished that the training would not end!

On the last two days of the training we learned a lot about how to produce our own radio shows, write articles, take pictures, and video.

Throughout the workshop, many Climate Ambassadors expressed themselves by producing their own media.

A few climate ambassadors told me about how interesting the training was. Fifteen-year-old Meele Saniko said, “The radio show we made was great! I’ve achieved a lot of things in terms of media, and I will really make sure I can lay the foundation in young people – giving them the spirit of say, ‘If these young people can do it, who am I not to do it?’

“I want to be an inspiration to young people and help them voice their opinions. I am looking forward to seeing the change, I know we can make a difference!”

Fifteen-year-old Climate Ambassador Katongo Chola also really enjoyed the training. “I think I have learned a lot. I never knew how to operate a flipcam but now I know. But most of all I enjoyed the last part of the training. When we started to make our first radio show for our show, Youth Media Programme. I was a radio reporter and I did voxpops. I went out to Shoprite and asked the public if they know what climate change is.”

Well readers, you’ve read yourself how much the Solwezi Climate Ambassadors enjoyed and learned more about media at the UNICEF and CRF media workshop. If you’re in Solwezi, you can listen to our show on Solwezi Radio and you’ll hear our jingle! “Hey young peeps, joins hands with me, you’re now tuned in to the YMP!”


Ambassador Katelele is 16 and a student at Solwezi Technical High School.



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