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The social and productive impacts of Zambia’s child grant

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social protection for all
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Ensuring policies that secure all children's rights especially the most vulnerable in hard to reach areas

Working to strengthen Government capacity to prioritize the rights of children, adolescents and women, especially the most vulnerable, in inclusive national policy, planning, monitoring, and budgeting processes.

The 2011-2012 work plan seeks to strengthen Government capacity to:

  • Coordinate a strategic programme of research, analysis, and  evidence generation on the fulfilment of rights of vulnerable children and women;
  • Mainstream HIV and gender into policy, planning and monitoring systems in key sectors under the SNDP;
  • Develop an integrated package of child and HIV sensitive social protection measures in key sectors.   

The work plan also seeks to strengthen Civil Society capacity to advocate for increased Government annual and medium term budget allocations in key social sectors affecting children and women.

The Ministry of Finance and National Planning (MoFNP) will provide leadership in the implementation of the SPPME work plan, in collaboration with other key partners including the Cabinet Office, the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, and the National Aids Council.

comprehensive cover for social protection
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Grandfather headed house-hold and beneficiaries of UNICEF supported social cash transfer in Monze, Southern Province

Research, analysis and evidence generation

  • Build capacity in Research and Development Programme (RDP) to undertake strategic programme of research and strengthen    knowledge management systems
  • Implement an on-going vulnerability and situation monitoring system
  • Conduct and disseminate key topical studies in partnerships with relevant stakeholders
  • Preparation for SitAn 2013

HIV and gender mainstreaming

  • Supporting NAC and GIDD in developing systems and benchmarks for mainstreaming HIV and Gender with non-traditional sectors
  • Develop checklist for analysis of gender mainstreaming for national gender policy revision

Social protection

  • Support adoption of social protection policy reflecting equity, HIV, Gender and children
  • Oversight of MIS & M&E development for social cash transfer programme/MCDSS
  • Undertake studies and develop regular knowledge products around the social cash transfer programme
  • Build capacity for implementation of Zambia Social Protection Expansion programme (ZSPEP)
  • Strengthen coordination amongst UN, bilateral and civil society actors to harmonize and align support to social protection

Data collection, analysis and dissemination

  • Support MoFNP to establish norms and standards for database management and MIS development and reporting across sectors
  • Technical support to the preparation, implementation and dissemination of national statistics
  • Consultation and assessment of possible strategies for increasing availability of data on outcomes in most vulnerable/disadvantaged districts


  • Undertake yearly budget analysis on issues related to children and women in key sectors
  • Support capacity of CSOs to analyze budget/policy implications, develop knowledge products, and undertake advocacy and dissemination



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