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Supply Unit - (Procurement)


Supply Unit - (Procurement)

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Supplies and Logistics:

About Supply:

Supplies are essential to fulfilling children's rights. 

Supporting child survival and development programmes around the world and in Zambia, UNICEF-procured supplies are critical in providing for children's health, education, and protecting them from abuse, exploitation, and neglect.

UNICEF procures and supplies over 5,000 products to address the needs of children.  In 2012, UNICEF procured $2,468 billion worth of supplies and services from all over the world, ensuring high quality and good value through fair and open procurement.

As well as supporting UNICEF's ongoing programmatic activities, the Supply function provides rapid supply response to emergencies.

UNICEF also procures and supplies essential commodities on behalf of governments and other partners in their efforts.  These procurement services can also include in-country logistics, capacity building, and project management.

Ensuring the global availability of essential supplies through influencing markets for lifesaving commodities such as vaccines, essential medicines, and health products, and implementing a range of supply chain models to ensure these supplies are delivered to children, are two overarching focuses.



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