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Feature stories

June 2018: Zambia: Good hygiene despite challenges of being in a camp

April 2018: Meet three Congolese families living in Zambia’s largest refugee transit centre

March 2018: All aboard for a new life in Zambia

January 2018: Oral cholera vaccination campaign launched in Zambia

May 2017: Lumpa Phiri is realizing her potential

May 2017: Fridah Mwenya is realizing her potential

April 2016: No more flood-induced absenteeism in Malabo

2016: Climate ambassador attends climate change talks

2015: Meet Beatrice Phiri: Zambia U-Reporter par excellence

2015: Lending a helping hand in providing vaccination services

2015: JICA-funded cold chain delivering results for children

2015: Zambian children #IMAGINE the future they want

7 April 2015: MDGi to boost youth friendly services in Zambia

2015: Flood-resistant Malabo primary school completed

2015: All weather education, a dream come true

2014: ZCO-supported CLIP literacy methodology bears fruit

2014: Children paint Zambia's future

2014: “I feel proud to be making a difference as a midwife!”

2014: UNICEF supports government in reaching hard-to-reach with birth registration

January 2014: ZCO supports reading campaign in Zambia

2013: My community where I learn and live

2013: UNICEF supports girl-child mentoring sessions

2013: UNICEF supports campaign to end child marriages in Zambia

2013: Place of safety opens in Mansa

December 2012: Spanish basketball star visits UNICEF Zambia

September 2012: Zambian climate ambassadors visit the Netherlands

September 2012: National Literacy Week

27 July 2012: Moment to shine and inspire

June 2012: World Youth Congress essay

June 2012: Child ambassador sets table for Rio+20

2012: Floating school project gains momentum

December 2011: Why I’m a Brother

November 2011: Raising our voice

August 2011: Making change possible at Zambia’s third Children’s Climate Conference

18 August 2011: Third Zambian climate change conference underway

April 2011: Climate ambassadors join hands in cleaning Chawama football field

April 2011: UNICEF Denmark volunteer photo journalist visits Mongu and Lusaka

November 2010: Community outreach at Habitat for Humanity

October 2010: Western Province climate ambassadors advocate for a floating school

2 July 2010: The World Cup in my village

2010: Early childhood care and development education at the community level

2008: Creating a better future: Early childhood education and development

2008: Protecting Zambia’s children from abuse and violence: One-stop centre where healing comes first

2008: In the heart of the market: A place for children

2008: The struggle to survive in Ward AO7

2008: Fighting vulnerability in Mazabuka: Protecting children and rebuilding families

2008: “Our children are truly the best teachers:” Teaching water, sanitation, and hygiene in dramatic style

2008: Dedication and partnership in Mpika: Mobilizing against mother-to-child transmission of HIV



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