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Staff Association Gives Back to the Community

© UNICEF Zambia - 2012/GShamabobo
UNICEF staff mingle with teachers at Fountain of Hope during the outreach

LUSAKA, Zambia (UNICEF/Patrick  Slavin) – UNICEF Zambia’s Staff Association has long worked to care for the well-being of staff members by sending flowers to colleagues who are unwell and organizing a popular children’s holiday party, among many other activities.

This year, the Staff Association added an innovative outing to bring cheer and goodwill to the children of Fountain of Hope, a UNICEF partner that provides resources to highly vulnerable children here in Zambia’s capital, including a secure and well-monitored dormitory for street children and a basic school which provides a free education to more than 250 children from the city’s compounds.

A partner that works to inspire children to leave living on the street and to enroll in school, as well as providing sporting activities to children who rarely, if ever, get a chance to play, that is a noble calling and we will continue supporting Fountain of Hope for many years to come,” said UNICEF Zambia Representative Iyorlumun Uhaa, before turning over the keys of a 2010 Toyota Hilux truck to the Vice Chairperson of Fountain of Hope Board of Directors, Angela Banda. The vehicle was contributed to Fountain of Hope by UNICEF Zambia.

"We have had difficulties in executing our work in tracing the children from the streets because we have not had transport for some time. Now that we have the vehicle, our work will be much easier, and we send a big thank you to UNICEF. We are also happy that your staff  have thought about the children by bringing them food staples such as mealie meal (maize porridge), cooking oil, and sugar. These will go a long way in feeding the children,” said Banda the vice Chairperson, Fountain of Hope.

© UNICEF Zambia - 2012/GShamabobo
Staff and students play together

Besides presenting the gifts in kind, the UNICEF Zambia Staff Association spent a fun afternoon with Fountain of Hope children and staff organizing a sports day that included a 100 meters race, netball, volleyball, and a 100 meters walk.

Fountain of Hope was honoured earlier this year in February when the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon visited the centre and praised it as an excellent example of International Inspirations, a UNICEF-supported activity that is bringing a social legacy to the London Olympic Games.

At UNICEF we are always working for children, but that does not mean we should not volunteer and give back even more, we should, too,” said UNICEF Zambia Staff Association Chair James Simasiku. “I want to thank all of my colleagues who contributed to a very special day.”



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