28 November 2023

Sustainable Projects Provide Safe and Clean Water Access to Over 80,000 People in Marib

With funding from USAID, UNICEF has supported water projects in Marib Governorate, northeastern Yemen, since it has become one of the main destinations for internally displaced people (IDPs) from different governorates in Yemen. This support does not only meet the immediate needs of the displaced population and the host community but also…, Sustainable source of water, Aisha Hussein, a 55-year-old beneficiary, shares the difficulties she used to face before the water project. "We used to struggle to get enough water, often having to travel long distances for an insufficient amount that would not meet our drinking, domestic, and livestock watering needs," she recalls. However, Aisha says the project has changed…, Alleviating suffering, With the water projects in Marib, both IDPs and the host community can now access clean and safe water. Amer Yahya, a 45-year-old resident of Istanbul IDP camp in Marib, who was displaced from Nihm to Marib, shares his experience. "Our living conditions were extremely difficult, and the scarcity of water only added to our suffering," he explains…, Overcoming challenges, Similarly, Ibrahim Mustafa, an engineer and the resident supervisor of the project, emphasizes that the project played a crucial role in providing vital water services to water-deprived areas. "The project involved expanding the water supply network to cater to the needs of residential neighborhoods and IDP camps," he said. Despite encountering…
16 April 2023

Deliver Essential Hygiene Kits to Internally Displaced People in Yemen

Yemen has been facing one of the world's most complex humanitarian crises for the past eight years. The country is experiencing devastating conflict and economic crisis, which have left millions of people in need of humanitarian aid. With nearly 15.3 million people in Yemen requiring access to clean water & sanitation system, the situation is…, First-Line Response Packages, To alleviate the suffering of people, UNICEF has been working with the support of the Government of Japan to provide essential support to displaced people across Yemen. One of the key initiatives implemented by UNICEF is the Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) kits, which include essential supplies such as basic hygiene kits, and female dignity kits.…, Impact on Displaced Yemenis, The support provided by the government of Japan and UNICEF has significantly assisted displaced people in Yemen. "The hygiene kit contained items that helped me and my family maintain our basic hygiene routine," Mahfoud Hazza'a, a displaced teacher from Al Hudaydah, said of receiving the hygiene kit. UN0827863 Mahfoudh Haza’a waits in line to…, Continuous Support, The Government of Japan has been a long-term partner of UNICEF in Yemen, supporting various programs to help children and families affected by the ongoing conflict. This support has helped UNICEF provide vital assistance to the most vulnerable children and families, including those displaced from their homes.