07 April 2020

Vulnerability and Needs Assessment- Yemen

The report presents findings of the Vulnerability and Needs Assessment conducted in Amanat Al Asimah and Sana’a governorates in March-April 2018. The targeting exercise has sought to identify potential beneficiaries for the Integrated Model of Social and Economic Assistance (IMSEA) project aimed at delivering benefits and social services, and providing social and economic opportunities to destitute slum dwellers living in those two  governorates. The data were collected by Prodigy Systems, while the analysis of data was done by Interaction Yemen with support from the Social Welfare Fund (SWF) and UNICEF Yemen Country Office. The exercise was also aimed at identifying, quantifying and prioritizing the types of vulnerability among the target population, classifying the groups vulnerable to or already affected by the crisis, and assessing the impact of different shocks and stresses on them. Besides, the assessment has allowed creating a comprehensive baseline for analysis of the population data – at micro- or individual household-level – to provide a better grasp of the situation, and inform strategic project planning and design as well as monitoring and evaluation. The assessment has targeted a total of 5,252 households, 81% of which are located in Amanat Al-Asimah governorate, and 19% - in Sana’a governorate. The majority (87%) of the targeted households are ‘marginalized’ (Muhamasheen minority groups and the poorest non-Muhamasheen population groups) who have been permanently living in this geographic area, while 13% (n=702) are ‘displaced’ (internally displaced people (IDPs)) from other areas.