Real lives: Mohammed Nasser Hizam Al-Himmah

Yemen Emergency Cash Transfer Project

a man buying food

21 February 2020

Mohammed is 45 years-old and lives in Hajjah with his wife.  He suffers from multiple ailments and is in constant pain.   Mohammed is also living with mental health issues, which make it challenging for him to communicate.  Due to the constant pain, Mohammed is unable to work. 

The ongoing conflict has stripped Mohammed of his dignity: “We go out and ask people for food.  What else would we do, die from hunger?” The situation became so desperate that Mohammed was forced to sell his gas cylinder to buy food for his wife and himself. He now must search for firewood and other combustible materials for cooking. 

a man starting cooking fire
Mohammed prepares fire for cooking using materials found in the street

Mohammed’s uncle, Hassan, takes care of him as best he can, often leading Mohammed by the hand while walking down the street. He is deeply convinced about the positive impact of the Emergency Cash Transfer (ECT) project: “With the ECT cash benefit, they saved people with deteriorating conditions and helped cater to some of their pressing needs.  Even if these amounts are insufficient, they are still perceived as a blessing.”  

On the day Mohammed visited the payment site to collect his SWF cash benefit, he had not eaten all day.  Even though he was hungry, Mohammed rushed to reach the shops before they closed.  Smiling the whole way, he was able to buy the basic food stuffs his family so desperately needs. 

a man covers windows with fabric
Mohammed uses fabric and pillows to cover the windows of his house hoping to reduce the cold getting in.