Rawas Centre... Possibility of Conquering Impossibility

The emergency health and nutrition project supports around 2,000 health facilities like Rawas Health Centre across Yemen

Abdulmajeed Alturki
UNICEF Yemen/2019

21 November 2019

Raymah, Yemen 2019 The first and most crucial step towards building a better life is assigning the highest priority to caring for human beings above all other concerns. However, caring for human beings becomes a lifeline when people live in a poverty-stricken and war-ravaged country, without access to the essentials of life in light of non-payment of salaries. It would help such people recover and restore their lives under such life-threatening circumstances.

Rawas Health Centre has a staff of 15 health workers, four of whom are financially supported by the emergency health and nutrition project, while the remaining are volunteers without contracts.

UNICEF Yemen/2019/Mohammed Abdulhaleg
Laila Mohammed, one of Rawas’s Health Centre beneficiaries

Laila Mohammed, from Al-Asakra village, Belad Al-Ta'am district in Raymah governorate, is one of the Rawas Health Centre's frequent visitors. Laila says: "I go to this Centre because it is the only centre in the region that provides free appropriate medical services."

The centre works within its available capacity to care for patients, with the help of some unpaid volunteers who provide life-saving services for these patients. The centre also provides medicine for patients suffering from hypertension, heart problems, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Hamid Yahya, another beneficiary who approaches the centre continuously says: "We receive our treatment in the centre, which does everything within its power to provide medical care for patients." As for the staff working at this Health centre, "they do what they can to treat patients humanely. Their angelic touch makes patients feel better," explains Yahya.

Rawas Medical centre is approached by people who hope for more and more treatment services. They also hope that the centre would be expanded to meet the increasing demand in this densely populated district. Such expansion is required to widen the scope of the centre's life-saving services.

UNICEF Yemen/2019/Mohammed Abdulhaleg
Munira Hassan, a nurse at Rawas Health Centre.

Munira Darwish, a nurse who has been working at Rawas Centre since 2007, speaks about the project funded by the World Bank International Development Association, IDA and implemented by UNICEF and the huge difference it has made in Rawas Centre, pointing that the Centre used to receive only five cases a day due to shortage of medical supplies. “Now, medicine is available which increases the number of the Centre's beneficiaries day by day.” she added

UNICEF Yemen/2019/Mohammed Abdulhaleg
Jalaluddin Hassan, Manager of Rawas Health Centre.

Jalaluddin Hassan has been the manager of Rawas Medical Centre since 2017.  He says, " The Centre is providing its services for around 25 cases every day. It's located in an area with over 6,000 people. However, being the only medical centre that receives cases from other health centres, it provides its services to 17,000 people. Rawas health facility serves around 255 children a year."

"The centre provides primary health care services including immunization, reproductive health, nutrition, child health care and screening, all of which are provided free of charge," the Centre's manager adds.

"We still need a laboratory. Also, we need an ultrasound device as the centre has a staff trained on this device. This device would save reproductive health patients the trouble of traveling outside the district, to Bagel district in Al Hudaydah governorate. Above all, the Centre's expansion is a top priority," he further explains.

The positive impact of the project is clear in the improvement of the Centre's services. Many cases come to this Centre for medical treatment, while other cases seek nutrition assistance because some children are malnourished in these areas. The emergency health and nutrition project supports around 2,000 health facilities like Rawas Health Centre across Yemen.