Rapid response in action

Field update

an old man showing his beneficiary card
16 February 2020

A rapid response mechanism (RRM) is an emergency response modality for delivering humanitarian aid to vulnerable people, including children, displaced by ongoing insecurity in Yemen. UNICEF works with a consortium of NGOs to help get life-saving supplies to people when they are most vulnerable. After a quick needs assessment, a team is deployed through the consortium, to provide lifesaving assistance.

Here are our latest updates from our RRM teams on the ground:


an old man showing his beneficiary card

Oxfam distributed multipurpose cash transfers to IDPs in Abs this is part of the integrated package of support that is provided as part of the RRM

an old man in front of prefab latrine

NRC constructed new latrines for communities helping prevent the spread of disease 

a man moving supply packages

Action Contre La Fame (ACF) in Aden bring basic hygiene kits to displaced families

families in an aid distribution centre

The help and complaints desk during an RRM in Abs ensures stronger accountability to affected populations

truck full with packages

Basic hygiene kits are delivered in Hajr a remote area in Hadramaut governorate

Through the Rapid Response Mechanism, we are providing vital hygiene kits to families in need. Often when they flee their homes they leave without the basics they need to survive and maintain the dignity they deserve. This initiative is made possible with vital support from UAE Aid and the United Nations Yemen Humanitarian Fund.