With an education, the possibilities are endless

UNICEF and its partners understand that robust education programming is the key to build peace and hope for a prosperous future

UNICEF Yemen/2019/Ahmed Ameen

26 December 2019

Taiz in Yemen continues to bear the brunt of ongoing conflict. This has forced thousands of families to flee their homes. As parents flee they search for shelter (often in schools), and anyway to bring a sense of normalcy back to their children who have lost so much.

At a school in Al-Azaiz, there are students coming from more 30 areas in search of an education. The schools itself had been destroyed by fighting. Families are desperately poor and living on the edge.

“Without enough classrooms teachers had to run classes at night to help keep children learning,” says Abdul Rahman Saeed, who is the principal of the school. It is extremely disruptive and puts a huge amount of pressure on an education system on the brink of collapse.

In response to the ongoing strain on schools like the Al-Khair School, UNICEF, with generous support from KfW has begun to provide vital assistance to ease the burden and increase access to education. With the reconstruction of 6 semi-permanent classrooms across the district, there are now more space places for children to get back to learning.

UNICEF Yemen/2019/Ahmed Ameen
Al-Khair School students sitting on the ground.
UNICEF Yemen/2019/Ahmed Ameen
A third-grade student taking the final exam in the old classroom.

“This intervention is having a transformative effect on the lives of displaced children in Taiz. Like every child they deserve an education and these classrooms are helping make sure their learning is not disrupted. Thanks so much to KfW for this vital support,” Tahani Saeed, Education Officer, UNICEF Ibb Field Office.

UNICEF Yemen/2019/Ahmed Ameen
The new classrooms, which were provided by UNICEF.

UNICEF and its partners understand that during humanitarian crisis one of the most important ways to build peace and hope for a future is through robust education programming. Having safe and stable places to learn is a pivotal part of helping achieve this for children across the country.

UNICEF Yemen/2019/Ahmed Ameen
A smiley student at Al-Khair school.