BaitAlWard health centre

A new start with better healthcare services

Sabrin Al-Aghbari
a baby being checked for malnutrition by two healthworkers

19 March 2020

BaitAlward is one of the health facilities located in Arhab district, Sana’a governorate. The centre strives to deliver primary care health services despite all the challenges brought by the current conflict. The support by the Emergency Health and Nutrition Project (EHNP), proper management, and dedicated staff played a role in the improvement of health service delivery at the centre.

For a long time, BaitAlWard health centre and many other health facilities in different governorates in Yemen lacked the necessary furniture, lab equipment, medicine, water, and funding to run their operations as a result of the conflict. They couldn’t function and deliver the services so desperately needed by families and the community in the area. “Before the interventions of UNICEF and the World Bank through the EHNP, we were struggling even in terms of having a sphygmomanometer in the facility” said Dr. Mogahed Ahmed, the Health Centre Manager.


A health worker looking into a microscope
Naziah Abdo, Lab technician, in BiatAlWard heath centre laboratory. Arhab district, Sana’a governorate.

BaitAlWard health centre receives an average of 20 cases per day. Not only the services at the health facility but BaitAlWard, like other EHNP supported facilities, conducts regular outreach activities to access people who cannot reach the health facilities. “We provide a variety of health services during the outreach activities like immunization, nutrition, reproductive, maternal and newborn,” says Nadia, a health worker with the programme.


health workers conducting outreach activities
BiatAlWard heath centre health workers while conducting outreach activities. Arhab district, Sana’a governorate.

The EHNP supports around 2,000 health facilities in Yemen. It is preventing the health system from collapsing.   To have these health facilities continue running in rural areas is a lifeline for communities. “If a patient needs to go to the nearest hospital outside Ozla, he would spend around 2,000 Yemeni Rial equivalent to US34 for transportation only… we offer much health support at our facility,” added Dr. Mogahed Ahmed

People in Arhab district who come to BaitAlWard health centre are truly grateful for the free health services, it has transformed a community carrying the burden of years of humanitarian crisis... “We come to this facility because of the availability of the great free health services. We admit our malnourished children to BaitAlWard health centre, and they eventually get better after the doctors at the health facility give them the necessary medicine,” says Lahda Ahmed, who received services through the project.

All people, all children in Yemen have the right to proper healthcare. In response to the humanitarian crisis, UNICEF and the World Bank International Development Association, IDA will continue to support health facilities, building a stronger health force and operationalizing the humanitarian development nexus to rebuild Yemen and provide lifesaving services into the future.


a child being held by his mother
A mother with her little daughter receiving health services at BaitAlWard health centre. Arhab district, Sana’a governorate.