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2018 Humanitarian Action for Children: Yemen (revised, September)

UNICEF Yemen/2017/Obadi

The continued conflict has rendered Yemen one of the world's largest and most complex humanitarian crises. Almost 80 per cent of the population (22.2 million people) is in dire need of humanitarian assistance. Conflict has led to the internal displacement of 2 million people, left over 1 million public sector workers without pay for two years, and undermined access to ports and airports, obstructing essential humanitarian and commercial deliveries. Growing food insecurity, poor water and sanitation, and the spread of preventable diseases threaten millions more. The caseload of outbreaks of Acute Watery Diarrhea (AWD)/cholera has reached over one million. The strain on an already weakened health system has been further compounded by the diphtheria outbreak in early 2018, with over 2,200 cases, so far. In addition, 16 million people lack access to safe water. Children are the primary victims: more than 6,000 have been verified as killed or maimed since the conflict began. Almost 394,000 children under 5 currently suffer from severe acute malnutrition (SAM) and require treatment. The damage and closure of schools and health facilities threaten children's access to education and health services, which renders children vulnerable to various protection concerns including early marriage, forced recruitment and psychosocial distress. 

Download the document or visit the site to learn more about UNICEF's humanitarian action in Yemen:

Document: 2018: Humanitarian Action for Children: Yemen (revised Sept.) [PDF]

Website: Humanitarian Action for Children: Yemen Appeal >>

Funding requirements

UNICEF has revised its humanitarian requirement for 2018 from US$378 million to US$424 million, in line with the 2018 Humanitarian Response Plan for Yemen, to meet the humanitarian needs of children in 2018. A sharp depreciation of the Yemeni Rial increased the cost of operations and implementation of activities. UNICEF Yemen is experiencing a funding gap for specific sectors. Thanks to generosity of donors, certain sectors received funding for activities which go beyond 2018 implementation. This funding will be applied against the 2019 HAC. Securing adequate and flexible funding for 2019 is essential to ensure the continuity of the response.





Situation in numbers

12.3 million
# of children in need

24.1 million
# of people in need

US$ 536 million
UNICEF Appeal 2019

Humanitarian Situation Reports

The Situation Reports provide a snapshot of current needs and response.
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