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Humanitarian Situation Reports


Humanitarian Situation Reports

UNICEF Yemen/2019
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A group of children show their vaccination cards as they have just been vaccinated during the 8-day-long Oral Cholera Vaccination.

The Humanitarian Situation Reports provide concise operational documents to support the coordination of humanitarian response. The reports provide a snapshot of current needs and response.

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>> Sitrep April 2019: English / Arabic [PDF] 


  • UNICEF in partnership with Ministry of Public Health and Population and WHO supported and launched a nine-day round of Oral Cholera Vaccination (OCV) campaign on 24 April. The campaign was rolled-out in three districts in the Amanat Al Asimah which were not previously targeted. A total of 1,088,818 people over the age of one were vaccinated during this campaign. This is a first dose of OCV which intends to offer immunity against cholera for approximately six months. A second OCV campaign will follow in these three districts within the next six months to boost the immunity up-to- three years.
  • Acute fuel and gas shortages throughout northern Yemen have led to long queues, with people reportedly waiting in line for days in some areas. Fuel prices on the black market have increased to YER 18,000 for 20 litres as opposed to the official price of YER 7,300. The shortage impacts on the cost of transport and threatens to increase the price of other commodities and services in country.
  • The escalation in violence continues in Hajjah and has triggered mass population movements since February of this year. An estimated 68,000 families have been displaced. Humanitarian actors conducted a multi-cluster mission to Hajjah early April and have commenced Rapid Response assistance. (OCHA Humanitarian Update 22 March – 17 April 2019).

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