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Humanitarian Situation Reports


Humanitarian Situation Reports

UNICEF Yemen/2019
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The Humanitarian Situation Reports provide concise operational documents to support the coordination of humanitarian response. The reports provide a snapshot of current needs and response.

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>> Sitrep February 2019: English [PDF] 


  • The Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan (YHRP) was released on 19 February, in advance of the High-Level Pledging Conference in Geneva held on 26 February, setting out needs, targets and requirements in 2019. A total of US$4.2 billion in funding is needed to support the plan, which aims to provide humanitarian assistance to 24.1 million people in 2019.
  • The Project Management Unit (PMU) successfully partnered with the Education Team to launch the first payment cycle of the Education Teacher Incentive (ETI) starting on 28 February, targeting 109,456 teachers and school staff across 11 governorates. The ETI aims to provide incentives to those teachers and school staff who have not received a salary in past two years, in an attempt to prevent children from leaving the school and in turn encourage learning.
  • The UN Country Task Force on Monitoring and Reporting verified 60 incidents of grave child rights violations in the reporting period. Seven children were killed (six boys; one girl) and 17 injured (11 boys; six girls), with 37 per cent of incidents taking place in Hajjah governorate. Seventy-two cases of recruitment and use of children were verified, 62 per cent of which took place in Hajjah.
  • UNICEF responded to a Measles outbreak in February with a nationwide, six day Measles and Rubella (MR) vaccination campaign, reaching more than 11.8 million children under 15 years.

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Situation in numbers

12.3 million
# of children in need

24.1 million
# of people in need

US$ 536 million
UNICEF Appeal 2019

2019 Humanitarian Action for Children: Yemen


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