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Health workers work around the clock to vaccinate children against measles and rubella in Yemen

Jamila Rawa, a health worker, preparing the measles vaccine doses at Mohammed Al-Dailami School, Sana’a governorate.

Sana’a, Yemen, 18 February 2019 - Last week was a crucial one for health workers who operated tirelessly during the measles and rubella immunization campaign targeting 13 million children across Yemen. The campaign was carried out in health centres and schools, through mobile teams and vaccinator networks.

Jamila Rawa is a nurse at Wa'alan health centre in Bilad Ar Rus district, Sana'a governorate, and she was one of the health workers who took part in the campaign with great enthusiasm. She was assigned to Mohammed al-Dailami school in Bilad Ar Rus district with other colleagues. "I am excited to participate in this campaign to protect children from deadly and contagious diseases," said Jamila on the first day of the campaign.

“I am also happy to see that this time, many parents came to get their children vaccinated and this increasing demand is the result of the awareness and sensitization activities launched ahead of the campaign by the community volunteers, with mega-phone cars and media announcements,” Jamila added.

From 9 to 14 February, UNICEF and the World Health Organization launched a nationwide measles and rubella campaign, in close cooperation with the national health authorities, for children between 6 months and 15 years of age across the country.

“Parents are now more aware of the importance of giving the vaccine to their children and the risks involved if they are not immunized against these infectious diseases," said Jamila.

Yeje Mukaram,8, is being vaccinated by Jamila in Bilad Ar Rus District, Sana' governorate during the nationwide Measles and Rubella vaccination campaign.

Jamila recalled some cases of children infected by measles in her district and the significant number of those who lost their lives because of measles and rubella in the area. "Recently still, two young children died at the health centre where I work," she said.

Children in Yemen suffer from many health complications due to conflict and the collapse of health services in the country. "The situation of children is deteriorating every day and we try to alleviate their suffering by making sure they won’t die of preventable causes. We will continue to give the vaccine to every child in the region so that there is no child left without immunization," the brave health worker concluded.



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