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Monira’ story: Returning to healthy childhood!

UNICEF Yemen/2018/Alawami
© UNICEF Yemen/2018/Alawami
The now healthy three-year-old Monira at her home in the Ashyab area, Al-Haymah district in Sana'a governorate.

By Shawqi Al-Abasi & Malak Shaher

Sana’a, Yemen, 10 September 2018 – Three-year-old Monira regained her vitality and energy after benefitting from the necessary therapeutic feeding that helped her overcome malnutrition. Monira lives in Ashyab area, Al-Haymah district in Sana'a governorate, Yemen. Over the past seven months, her life was in danger as she developed a critical health situation triggered by malnutrition. There are hundreds of thousands of malnourished children in Yemen and the numbers keep increasing, due to the deteriorating humanitarian situation and the lack of necessary income families need to provide their children with appropriate treatment.

Monira’s father recalls: “We had lost hope, and we thought that she would not live any longer after her health deteriorated. Quickly, Monira stopped moving and playing with other children. She lost her glow of happiness as her body weakened and we were feeling helpless, unable to meet her basic needs. I didn’t have the money to take her to the hospital and provide her with a proper treatment.”

“I have been without a job for a long time because of the conflict, and I couldn’t provide enough food for my family. If the medical team at the health facility in Al-Hayma wouldn’t have visited us, my daughter would be dead by now.” Monira’s father adds.

UNICEF Yemen/2018/Alawami
© UNICEF Yemen/2018/Alawami
Monira with her father outside their home.

The health facility in Al-Hayma, is supported by UNICEF and the World Bank as part of the Emergency Health and Nutrition Project (EHNP), which aims at strengthening Yemen’s health system by delivering supplies, covering operating expenses and supporting the medical staff to provide healthcare to the people of Yemen.

Monira began her therapeutic treatment last June at one of the mobile clinics supported by EHNP.

When her family brought her, the medical team leader, Ibrahim Rabie’a, realized that Monira was suffering from severe complications, such as acute pneumonia, fever and movement restrictions. The mobile team treated her and followed up on her condition. After a week of follow-up and supervision by the medical team, her health significantly improved. The medical staff kept visiting her every 14 days until she passed the critical stage. During their last visit, the team happily noticed that Monira was already feeling better and playing with her friends outside the family house.

EHNP works to contribute effectively to the treatment of nearly 400,000 Yemeni children suffering from severe acute malnutrition and needing urgent care. The project has already contributed to the treatment of more than 130,000 severely acute malnourished children in Yemen between January and June 2018 and Monira was one of them.



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