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Photo Essay: Psycho-social support and education help children overcome the scars of conflict in Yemen

By Ansar Rasheed and Jessica Dixon
Photography by Yassir Abdulbaki

25 July 2018 - As children across Yemen become increasingly affected by the mental horrors of conflict, UNICEF is ensuring that they have access to quality education and learning opportunities in a safe and protective environment.

Teachers, social workers, and parent council members are receiving training on both peace-building and how to provide psycho-social support to children. They are equipped with the knowledge and methodology to provide after school activities, using playing and active learning approaches. In Radfan School, Sheikh Othman, located in the Southern Governorate of Aden, 95 teachers have been trained and are now rolling out their new-found skills, which is benefitting over 900 children. Not only is this helping children overcome the traumas of conflict, but they are having fun and learning in an enjoyable environment. 

UNICEF would like to thank the Government of Japan for their generous support which has made this possible.

“This is my drawing, it is how I see my school. I enjoy spending time with my friends here. We learn, but also do something we like and enjoy. Painting is my hobby.” Amani, 9 years old.

This is our teacher Manal during a storytelling session. This is the session I like the most, as it makes me love reading. With the books we have now in the library, we can borrow them and I enjoy it more. I love reading about history and other countries cultures” Marwa, 13 years old.

Boys and girls during after school activities participating in the playful activities. The newly trained teachers now organize these activities regularly.

Girls in Grades 8 and 9 during a one hour session which encourages students to read, and provides them with various kinds of books to suit different interests.



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