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Feature stories

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The personal accounts of those UNICEF aims to assist and of our staff on the ground paint the real picture of the situation of women and children in Yemen and difference our work is making. Using a mix of techniques, the stories here take you behind the facts and figures to the real lives.

Quick impact projects have a long-term effect on cholera in Yemen
, 21 August 2019 – As soon as rain falls, the narrow streets of the poor neighborhood of Dar Sad in Aden are flooded with muddy water. Zakaria and his friends are used to it and it doesn’t stop them from playing barefoot among the rubbish by the sewer.

Exclusive breastfeeding, a simple practice that saves lives
1 August 2019 – “You know that breastfeeding your baby will prevent him from being malnourished? You should try, it worked for my son,” Attikah Hassan says to the women gathering near the water point.

” I go to school and teach because I believe that education is a basic right for every student”
29 July 2019 - Every morning, Badriah wakes up early and gets ready to go to school. Even though she hasn’t received her salary in the last three years, she continues to work enthusiastically to teach the students of Khawla Bent Al-Azwar secondary school.

“It is hard to work when you are asking yourself how to feed your own children”
29 July 2019 – “It is difficult for a teacher to do his work and pass on his knowledge to students that don’t have anything else than a piece of bread to eat,” says the teacher Hamoud Hassan Qaed when asked about the main challenges in his profession.

Implementing a cash transfer project
16 July 2019 - The humanitarian crisis in Yemen is affecting 22 million people, half of them children. More than two million people are internally displaced, and many businesses and Government offices have closed.

“This is the only hope we get to face the harsh life we are going through”
15 July 2019 - On the sound of the dropping beads of his father's rosary, Ali Nasser Al-Zaidi introduces himself: 38 years old, from Amran governorate in Yemen, mar-ried, father of five daughters and one son.

A family shelter made of sheets
15 July 2019 - One house for eight souls. Actually, only one room hosts Faisal Al Yafaei and his family. A room that doesn’t protect them from neither summer heat nor cold of winter.

“Regardless of what I do, I feel I can make a difference and contribute to saving more lives”
26 June 2019 – After driving for several hours, a UNICEF mobile team finally arrived at its destination. Dr. Wail Al-Hajj keeps smiling. He will finally be able to meet the health workers operating in this remote Therapeutic Feeding Centre.

Female religious leaders keep vulnerable populations safe from cholera in Yemen
24 June 2019 – Even during the month of Ramadan, Amriyah Al Moalimi and Ola Al Shawafi continued to work tirelessly. For these two religious leaders, called also “Morshydats” in Yemen, the time doesn’t stop when it comes to cholera.

Asma’a and Ibtisam: Climbing mountains of hope in Yemen
12 June 2019 – Ibtisam Essam Naji Al-Shoumi and Asma’a Mohammed Al-Sewedi don’t know each other. Although they live 200 kilometres apart, they share the same dreams. They both live in remote villages of Yemen and care for their communities.

A wave of innovation brings safe water to communities in Sa’ada and Al Jawf, Yemen
11 June 2019 - In northern parts of Yemen, water scarcity and poor sanitation prevent children from living a normal life where they can grow up healthy, have access to safe drinking water and go to school.

Jamil Jamal dedicates himself to provide health services to the community and the displaced at Aldhaber Health Centre in Amran governorate
10 June 2019 - More than four years of the conflict in Yemen has led to the deterioration of the health system across the country. As a result, around 19.7 million people have been cut off from regular access to healthcare and put at risk of diseases...

The Mozart of Aden, a story of resilience through music
30 May 2019 – “At school, my teachers call me Mozart and my classmates keep asking me to play songs. When I touch my violin, I feel like I am talking with a good friend and it makes me happy, maybe you should do the same?”

Involving religious and community leaders in addressing cholera in Yemen
27 May 2019 – His deep voice fills the mosque and reaches the audience, sitting quietly on the colorful mats on this day of Jumma or Friday prayers at Al-Ansar Mosque of As Sabain district, Amanat Al Asimah governorate.

The power of music – Guitars and ouds to mitigate cholera in Yemen
14 May 2019 – When Kayan opened the case, she couldn’t believe it. A brand new pink guitar was laying there waiting for her fingers to play the chords she knows by heart. Kayan is 13 years old but she is already an experienced musician.

Clean water and a healthy environment for students enhance learning in Yemen
29 April 2019 – Improved water, sanitation and hygiene services is an essential right for every child and adolescent. Providing these services in schools in Yemen is a great challenge amid the ongoing conflict.

Mothers in Yemen team up to keep their children healthy
22 April 2019 – Umm Ahmed is proudly wearing her Jaadatina badge, which represents much more than just a shiny piece of metal to her. “I was given this medal when I joined the club.

Saba: A chance for survival in Yemen
22 April 2019 – Nearly two years ago, Saba opened her eyes for the first time. Like any other parents, hers were hoping to see their little girl growing up in a loving and peaceful world, so she could one day become what she wanted to be.

Protecting communities from public health risks in the World Heritage sites in Yemen
15 April 2019 – Four years ago, Sana’a was known for other reasons than being the capital city of a country facing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

“I didn’t know anything about cholera until I suddenly got sick”: Amna, a story of recovery from cholera in Yemen
14 April 2019 – Yemenis have been facing the consequences of the ongoing war that broke out in late March 2015. As a result, basic services have been disrupted and many people, especially children and women, are at risk of death.

Science at the heart of teachers’ skills in Yemen
27 March 2019 - Sami Sharaf Salem is one of many everyday heroes working to improve children’s lives in Yemen. Sami teaches science in a rural part of Al Jawf governorate, one of the most remote areas of the country.

UNICEF water interventions reach people in the most rural areas in Yemen
30 March 2019 – In Yemen, the escalation of conflict in the last four years has only exacerbated the already dire water situation. Access to drinking water is extremely costly for the most vulnerable people living in Yemen.

UNICEF scales up WASH interventions for children affected by natural disasters in Al-Mahara governorate, Yemen
15 March 2019 – In Yemen, 80 per cent of the population is in need of urgent humanitarian aid and over 11 million children are suffering the consequences of the four-year long crisis, paying the heavy price in this man-made conflict.

UNICEF builds capacity of Communication for Development partners
15 March 2019 – The support of local partners is key when engaging with communities to educate them on vaccination, education or lifesaving hygiene practices.

Services improve at family care health centre in Ibb city, Yemen
11 March 2019 - The family care health centre, located in Ibb city, in Yemen is one of the more than 1,700 health facilities that is supported by the Emergency Health and Nutrition Project a partnership between UNICEF and the World Bank.

Muqbil: A Community Volunteer standing up for displaced children in Yemen
7 March 2019 - The children of the centre refer to him as Ustaz, which means teacher in Arabic. You can see him from a distance. Standing in the middle of his team, Muqbil Saif always starts his day by briefing his colleagues on the daily schedule.

Solar-power brings water to vulnerable children and their families in Sa’ada, Yemen
28 February 2019 – Even before the current conflict broke out four years ago, Yemen was one of the world’s most water-scarce countries. The conflict has had devastating consequences on the already weak water and sanitation infrastructures.

UNICEF water interventions make a difference in the lives of children in rural areas of Yemen
24 February 2019 – Due to the ongoing conflict, water and sanitation infrastructures have collapsed in Yemen, leaving more than 16 million people in urgent need of water and sanitation assistance.

Community engagement at the heart of the measles and rubella vaccination campaign in Yemen
20 February 2019 – In Yemen, nearly every child is fighting for survival. More than 11 million children are still in need of humanitarian assistance. The lack of health infrastructure and services makes the health situation particularly difficult.

Photo Essay: Children in Yemen receive measles and rubella vaccination with joy
18 February 2019 – This month, a nationwide measles and rubella campaign was launched in all governorates in Yemen to make sure children between the ages of 6 months to 15 years are protected against preventable diseases.

Health workers work around the clock to vaccinate children against measles and rubella in Yemen
18 February 2019 - Last week was a crucial one for health workers who operated tirelessly during the measles and rubella immunization campaign targeting 13 million children across Yemen. The campaign was carried out in health centres and schools.

Psychosocial and learning support helps Ashraf overcome disability
6 February 2019, Sana’a, Yemen – Ashraf Aref Al-Hammadi is in grade 8. He was born in Sana’a in 2001 with a disability caused by a neonatal disease, which affected his physical mobility and his hearing and speech abilities.

Displaced girls pursue their education and dreams in UNICEF-supported learning centers
6 February 2019 – Shatha and Sumaya both had to flee their home cities with their families due to the increase in violence in Yemen to find refuge in the capital city of Sana’a.

Rapid Response Teams reach Yemen’s most remote areas to help eliminate cholera
31 January 2019 – The war in Yemen has resulted in the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. As the conflict reaches almost four years, all public sector and services were disrupted, especially in health services.

UNICEF WASH interventions improve quality of health facilities in Yemen
30 January 2019 – Improved Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services in health facilities are crucial to ensure quality of care and minimize the risk of infection for visiting patients and their families, as well as health workers and the community.

Schools boost efforts to increase immunization in cholera-affected communities in Aden
28 January 2019 – The threat of cholera and Acute Watery Diarrhoea (AWD) still looms high in Yemen as it recovers from one of the World’s worst outbreak in 2017 where more than a million people were infected with over 4,300 deaths.

Yemen midwife hero saving lives amidst conflict
20 January 2019 – More than 21 years of experience as a midwife in Kusma district of Raymah governorate didn’t prevent Fatima Mohammed Sagheer from learning new skills and developing her medical knowledge.

Sayeed’ story: “I wish the war could stop so I can go back to my country and live in dignity with my children.”
7 January 2019 – The ongoing conflict in Yemen has displaced more than 2 million people across the country since March 2015.

Access to clean water helps children to go back to school
7 January 2019 – In Yemen where 16 million people are in urgent need of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) assistance and access to clean water remain crucial.

Ashwaq: “I save the lives of mothers and children and this is my main motivation”
30 December 2018 – Yemen is one of the worst places on earth to be a child. Nearly 16.4 million people, half being children, do not have access to basic health assistance.

Aziza: “My health career began 30 years ago and today, I am proud to be a community midwife”
30 December 2018 – With the rise in violence in the last four years, over half of the health facilities in Yemen have stopped functioning because of partial or complete damages.

Children take the lead for a healthier change in Yemen
26 December 2018 – In Yemen, every 10 minutes, a child dies from preventable causes. For the country where half of the health facilities are nonfunctioning and most health workers have not been paid in two years, immunization is a matter of life or death

Photo essay: Yemeni children are receiving their passport for life
24 December 2018 – Do you have a name and surname? Do you know the date you were born? Are these data included in your identification? Then you are privileged compared to the children in Yemen.

UNICEF Child Friendly Space gives the smile back to the children of Hadramaut
24 December 2018 - Worsening years of underdevelopment, attacks against civilian infrastructure and lack of salary payments for most civil servants have pushed basic services for Yemeni children to the brink.

Abdullah and his team are working tirelessly to ensure access to clean water for Yemenis
24 December 2018 - Abdullah Muthana and his team work in the National Water Resources Authority, the Ministry of Water & Environment in the campaign to monitor the water and wells stations and ensure that clean water reaches everyone in Sana’a.

UNICEF mobile clinics provide lifesaving health services to populations affected by natural disasters in Yemen
20 December 2018 – In Yemen, more than 24 million people, including 11.3 million children, are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance as the country is approaching its 4th year of violent conflict.

Photo Essay: Knowledge is key to save lives and protect displaced communities from cholera in Yemen
13 December 2018 – Since the beginning of the cholera outbreak in April 2017, more than 1.2 million of suspected cholera cases have been registered in Yemen, with over 2,500 associated deaths across the country.

Nasiba: A Community Volunteer engaged for a clean environment in Ibb
13 December 2018 – Nasiba is a UNICEF Community Volunteer and a great champion of environmental issues. The young woman comes from a small village of Asaddah district, in Ibb governorate.

Ishraq, a Community Health Volunteer: Breaking the fear barrier in communities
3 December 2018 – One out of three children in Yemen, approximately 1.8 million, and one out of five pregnant and lactating mothers are at risk of acute malnutrition. In addition, nearly 400,000 children are suffering from Severe Acute malnutrition (SAM).

Hana’a, a Community Health Volunteer: “I take care of children and serve my community as a humanitarian messenger"
3 December 2018 – One out of three children in Yemen, approximately 1.8 million, and one out of five pregnant and lactating mothers are at risk of acute malnutrition. In addition, nearly 400,000 children are suffering from Severe Acute malnutrition (SAM).

UNICEF empowers Cholera Rapid Response Teams to strengthen communities’ role in outbreak prevention and response in Yemen
22 November 2018 – The support of the communities is crucial in the fight against cholera and for this reason, UNICEF, in close cooperation with national authorities, local and external partners, pursues its efforts to empower communities...

Photo essay: Vital WASH interventions prevent spread of cholera in Yemen
19 November 2018 – Access to drinking water is extremely costly for the most vulnerable people in Yemen. Currently, 16 million people, more than half of them being children, don’t have sufficient access to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services.

Ayah, a story of pain and hope
17 November 2018 - Ayah Najib, an 11-year-old, is a lovely girl full of vitality and energy. Ayah has five brothers, but she unbelievably loves her twin sister Ayaat more. Ayah’s parents, Nageeb and Amani, are modest people.

Community engagement is key to contain ongoing cholera outbreak in Yemen
14 November 2018 - Saqayn district in Sa’ada governorate is one of the areas affected by the ongoing cholera outbreak in Yemen and one of the priority districts targeted by UNICEF cholera response plan.

Aswan: the Cinderella of Yemen
13 November 2018 - It was one of the days of war in Yemen, the clock was indicating that it was 6 am in the morning. Aswan, a 16-year-old Yemeni girl, woke up terrified with bullets and shells shaking her house and all the neighboring houses.

Ahmad’s family overcomes distress caused by conflict in Yemen with help of psychosocial support
13 November 2018 - Children in Yemen are at grave risk as the violence continues to escalate across the country. The damage and closure of schools and health facilities threaten children's access to education and health services.

UNICEF and religious leaders join efforts to increase community awareness about cholera
12 November 2018 – Since the beginning of this year, there have been 242,849 suspected cholera cases reported, with 346 associated deaths in Yemen, with a total of 90 districts which never stopped reporting suspected cases since the outbreak started in 20

Photo essay: UNICEF Child Friendly Spaces give Yemeni children hope for a brighter future
12 November 2018 – Despite the increase in violence due to the conflict in Yemen and its devastating impact on children’s lives, UNICEF is responding to meet the urgent needs of children.

Despite lack of salaries, female Yemeni teachers continue their efforts to provide children with a better future
4 November 2018 – In Sana’a, there are many stories of determined teachers to tell. At the 22nd of May school in the capital of Yemen, there are 2,420 students attending the morning shift, and a similar number of students registered in the afternoon.

In Hajjah, children fight every day to survive
1 November 2018 – At first sight Hajjah seems a quiet place to live as a child. The city, located 127 kilometers northwest of Sana'a, the capital of Yemen, offers breathtaking views over the surrounding mountains and green valleys.

UNICEF Community Mobilizers sensitize displaced communities on cholera vaccination
29 October 2018 – Last week, UNICEF launched the second round of the Oral Cholera Vaccination (OCV) campaign in Aden, in southern Yemen. From 27 to 31 October, the five-day campaign, is being conducted in 5 districts of the governorate.

Photo Essay: Children act to increase child immunization in their communities
25 October 2018 - As the conflict approaches its fourth year, more than 16 million people still lack access to basic health care services in Yemen.

UNICEF mobile teams fighting malnutrition in Al Azariq, Yemen
24 October 2018 – In Yemen, the food and nutrition crisis has been exacerbated by the current conflict, which escalated in 2015, and subsequent economic crisis.

Dr. Nabila, a health worker determined to save lives of children in Yemen
15 October 2018 – As the fourth year of conflict in Yemen is around the corner, the humanitarian situation in the country continues to deteriorate by the day. The healthcare system has collapsed.

Samiha: A story of hopes and dreams from Abyan
11 October 2018 - Samiha is a young displaced girl, determined to fulfil her dreams, living in Abyan, southern Yemen. Back in 2013, she was one of the children who took part in a photography initiative organised by UNICEF.

A WASH success story: from a swamp to a safe passage for children
10 October 2018 - Yahya Najmuddin is a father of four living in Harran city in Dhamar governorate. His eyes are filled with sadness when he remembers the story of a girl who fell in a swamp in front of his house last year.

Photo Essay: WASH interventions as a lifeline for people in urgent need of assistance in Hadramaut
27 September 2018 – In Yemen, access to clean water is extremely costly for the most vulnerable people. A total of 8.6 million children in Yemen don’t have sufficient access to water, sanitation and hygiene services.

Women Volunteers are keeping their communities healthy and cholera-free in Yemen
25 September 2018 – Mureha, Salehah and Amena are few of the Community Health Workers (CHVs) that have been recently trained to provide basic health and nutrition services to children in communities affected by the cholera outbreak across Yemen.

Child Friendly Spaces help children in Yemen to overcome the impact of the conflict
13 September 2018 – Since the beginning of the conflict more than three years ago in Yemen, one of UNICEF’s major challenges remains how to protect the children affected by the conflict and help them to overcome the increasing violence they face every day

How access to clean water changes the lives of displaced communities in Yemen
10 September 2018 – In Yemen, 16 million people lack access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services. Access to safe drinking water is particularly critical to prevent waterborne diseases from spreading further in the war-torn country.

Photo essay: One day in my world
10 September 2018 - Yemen is one of the worst places on earth to be a child. In Aden, southern Yemen, children share with us their hopes and dreams for the future.

Monira’ story: Returning to healthy childhood!
10 September 2018 – Three-year-old Monira regained her vitality and energy after benefitting from the necessary therapeutic feeding that helped her overcome malnutrition. Monira lives in Ashyab area, Al-Haymah district in Sana'a governorate, Yemen.

Photo Essay: UNICEF provides emergency response to assist children affected by the conflict in Yemen
9 September 2018 – More than three years of conflict in Yemen have left 22.2 million people, including 11.3 million children, in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.

Photo Essay: Putting smiles back on the faces of children affected by the conflict in Yemen
30 August 2018 – More than three years after the conflict broke out in Yemen, children continue paying with their lives the cost of a conflict not of their making and remain the most affected by the severity of grave violations against them.

Bringing the life of Yemeni children back to normal
29 August 2018 - The conflict has made Yemen a living hell for children and their families. Over 11 million children – 80 per cent of all girls and boys in the country – require humanitarian assistance and more than 2 million people have been displaced.

UNICEF Community Volunteers sensitize population on lifesaving sanitation and hygiene practices
26 August 2018 - Fatima rushes the harsh stony narrow path to catch up with her team. The determined woman is a UNICEF Communication For Development (C4D) Volunteer in Makrha Al-Sufla district, Shabwa Governorate in Yemen.

UNICEF acts for girls’ education in Yemen
26 August 2018 - One of the main components of the Global Partnership for Education is the Rural Female Teachers Program.

Photo essay: UNICEF works with IDP communities to get children back to school in Yemen
26 August 2018 – Through Communication for Development (C4D) intervention, UNICEF is raising awareness on the importance of helping children go back to school among the Internally Displaced Persons and marginalized communities.

School renovation and community-based classes help children continue their education in Yemen
12 August 2018 - In Yemen, an entire generation of children faces a bleak future due to limited or no access to education. Nearly 2 million children are out of school and the education of another 3.7 million children is on the edge....

Photo Essay: UNICEF helps the communities of Socotra Island to rebuild their lives after devastating cyclones
15 August 2018 – Known as the “Galapagos of the Indian Ocean”, Socotra is one of the islands’ paradises on the planet and one of the rare places less affected by the ongoing conflict in Yemen.

Photo Essay: UNICEF launches polio campaign to protect children in Yemen
7 August 2018 - In Yemen, child mortality remains very high at an estimate of one child dying every 10 minutes from mainly preventable diseases, including poliovirus.

Photo Essay: Psycho-social support and education help children overcome the scars of conflict in Yemen
25 July 2018 - As children across Yemen become increasingly affected by the mental horrors of conflict, UNICEF is ensuring that they have access to quality education and learning opportunities in a safe and protective environment.

Toilets should be top priority in schools - helping Laila get back to education
24 July 2018 - Laila* is 15 years old and a student in 9th grade in Saba School in Jiblah, Ibb governorate. With seven siblings, she is one of the lucky ones in the family as her elder siblings had to drop out of school and find work to support everyone.

UNICEF scales up its health and nutrition interventions for vulnerable children in Yemen
10 July 2017 – Over the past six months, the humanitarian situation in Yemen has substantially deteriorated. The number of people in need of assistance and protection is now 20.7 million.

Photo essay: Providing life-saving nutritional support to conflict-affected children in the south of Yemen
26 June 2018 - Malnutrition remains a significant challenge to child survival and development in Yemen. Since the beginning of the conflict in March 2015, malnutrition rates have sharply deteriorated.

A community midwife saving lives in Yemen as conflict rages
10 May 2018 - Health care from a skilled provider is important for monitoring pregnancy and reducing the risks for both mother and child during pregnancy, delivery, and within the postnatal period. In Yemen, many factors can prevent women from accessing t

The struggles of a teacher amidst conflict in Yemen
3 May 2018 - “I stopped sending my own two kids to school, so I could save up and make some money. We cannot make a living any longer without our salary,” says Khalid Al Basir. The shocking revelation comes from a grade 2 teacher of Arabic.

Coping with the horrors of the conflict in Yemen
22 March 2018 - 12-year old Mohammed lives with his parents and two siblings in Hajjah city. He is in 4th grade. An airstrike hit a gas station right next to his home during the night and awakened the whole family.

Living on the sideline
12 March 2018 – Abdullah Ahmed Saber lives with his large family of 8 girls, 2 boys and his wife in an informal settlement of Mathbah, Sana’a city. They fled the escalation of hostilities in Hodeidah city to seek a safe shelter in Sana’a.

How rehabilitation of school toilets is boosting learning for children in Yemen
20 February 2018 - Mohamed is a ninth-grade student at Al Mahdhar School, located high up on a plateau, travelling east along an uneven road out of the city of Sana’a. Being diabetic, having a functioning toilet is particularly important for Mohamed.

Photo Essay: Mine Risk Education Campaign in Shabwa, southern Yemen
20 February 2018 - As the conflict escalates in Yemen, landmine contaminated areas are putting many children at risk of harm. In 2017 alone, 12 children were killed from mines, and a further 12 children were injured.

Child friendly activities help children affected by conflict in Yemen stay in school
22 January 2018 - The conflict in Yemen- now into its third year- continues with significant impact on children’s psychosocial well-being and development. Children are experiencing what no child should have to...

Aswan lost her legs, but not her will
24 November 2017 - It was at 6am on 9 May 2017 when life for the Al-Kubati family was turned upside down. The night before, 15-year-old Aswan went to bed with her long to-do list for the following day – that includes helping her mother with housekeeping.

Rapid response gives a family a lease of life in Yemen amidst conflict
22 November 2017 - The death of Sahar’s husband made her the only breadwinner for the family. Sahar, from the north-western Yemeni governorate of Hajja is 40 years old and responsible for her six children since last year.

Live for today, hope for tomorrow in Yemen
15 November 2017 - Mansour and Mariyam are parents to 13 beautiful children, and were forced to flee Taiz when the roof of their house was destroyed in an explosion.

Tahani’s story: Overcoming malnutrition amidst conflict in Yemen
26 October 2017 - Khadiga Ahmed of Al-Zaydia district, Hodeidah is trying to make her daughter, Tahani, smile and play with other children but sadly, all in vain. Tahani looks feeble and is unable to move or play with other children.

Fighting to Survive in a Country Overwhelmed by Malnutrition
18 October 2017 - Yahya is four years old, from a small village in a remote area in the north of Hajjah governorate. He suffers from Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) and is at risk of developing many related health issues as a result.

International Day of Girl
15 October 2017-Yemen has seen an unprecedented level of violence as a result of a conflict that escalated in March 2015. Since then, children have known no or little peace.

A survivor determined to pursue his education; The story of Ebrahim who was wounded in Aden in Yemen
15 October 2017 - After a horrendous experience being displaced and then wounded in the conflict in Yemen, 10 year-old Ebrahim has beaten all odds and is now back in school in grade three.

Yemen's urban garbage dwellers – a life and death duel
9 October 2017 - The Muhamasheen, a minority tribe in Yemen originally migrated from Africa. For many years, they have lived at the periphery of society and subjected to social exclusion and marginalization.

I’m back at school to fight illiteracy
28 September 2017 – Fifteen-year-old Anhar Essa is attending one of the intensive Grade 9 courses in Al-Tawheed School in Sa’ada city in northern Yemen. When the schools reopened in Sa’ada city, her family returned home.

Families in despair as cholera outbreak spreads across Yemen
18 July 2017 – A whirl of dust and wind sweeps through Alhesn, a village perched atop Sana’a’s highest hill. A young girl and her little brother slowly climb up the steep stony path leading to the village, carrying half-filled jerry cans of water.

Drawing hope from adversity in Yemen
18 June 2017 – An Art workshop and exhibition has offered a priceless outlet for children coping with conflict in Yemen.

Video: Partnerships for children - With support from Japan, reaching the most vulnerable in Yemen
11 June 2017 - In 2016, the Government of Japan and UNICEF agreed to implement a multi-sectoral project in response to the increasing humanitarian needs in Yemen.

Video: Partnerships for children - UNICEF and ECHO tackling malnutrition and disease in Yemen
11 June 2017 - In Yemen, tackling malnutrition and disease is a race against time. Every 10 minutes, at least one child dies of preventable causes like malnutrition, diarrhoea and respiratory tract infections.

Safe water restored for families in Taizz as Yemen battles cholera outbreak
5 June 2017 - For nearly half a million people inside Taizz enclave, water supply is the most stressful and time consuming task that parents and children endure every day. Taizz city is witnessing a relentless ground fighting and airstrikes for over two y

Tetanus Vaccination to save lives of mothers and newborns in conflict-affected Yemen
13 June, 2017 -Arwein Ahmed is a 26 year old mother from Kastro area of Malla district in Aden. This is a remote and impoverished area where most people live in shanty homes made of cardboard, plastic sheets and other waste material.

Children of Yemen are in the grip of the second cholera outbreak in six months
SANA'A, Yemen, 22 May 2017 – For Um Taha and four of her children, the past few days have been nothing short of harrowing.

Video: Race against time to save lives of children suffering from severe malnutrition in Yemen
27 April 2017 - Millions of children face an increased combined risk of malnutrition, diseases and poverty. UNICEF and partners continue to provide them treatment and basic services but the magnitude of the crisis is enormous.

Rural teachers, a ray of hope for the next generation
22 April 2017 - Basma and Huda are two of over 2,300 rural teachers in 13 governorates who are a great source of hope for the children of Yemen.

A young girls’ determination to learn in Yemen
10 April 2017 - Thirteen-year-old Hosson is a ninth grade pupil at 26-September School in Malla district, Aden. She loves to teach younger children math. Unlike the other children in her school, she stands out and has been bullied as a result.

Survived narrowly: the story of a child recruited to fight in Yemen
6 April 2017 - The recruitment and use of children by armed groups is one of the darkest dimensions of the conflict in Yemen, two years on since it escalated. The UN estimates that over 1,500 children have been recruited.

Living on the margins: Children displaced by the conflict in Yemen speak out
March 2017 - As the conflict in Yemen continues to intensify, children in the country are starting a third year of violence and brutality. More than half of the 3 million displaced people are children.

Unsung heroes: Vaccinators climb mountains to save children’s lives in Yemen
27 March 2017 – Vaccinating children against life-threatening diseases in the middle of an intense conflict can be a tough challenge. Over the past few weeks, polio vaccinators in Yemen have braved rough terrains and crossed hostile frontlines...

Amid conflict and food insecurity in Yemen, a young girl fights for her life
26 March 2017 – One-year-old Khawla Mohammed lies on the bed in Al-Sabeen Hospital in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a with a tube running through her nose. She is suffering from malnutrition and is also battling a chest infection.

Forced to live on the margins after fleeing fighting in Al-Mokha in Yemen
13 March 2017 - An abandoned, unfinished building in Ibb city is now home to eight families who fled the fighting in Al-Mokha. They left Al-Mokha some two months ago when fighting along Yemen’s western coast started again ...

A dream nearly shattered by Shrapnel in Yemen
9 March 2017 - Mena Naif Dahish is just 12 years old. She lives in Gholat Assem, a small village of Nehm district in Sana’a Governorate. Her tender age does not stop Mena from dreaming big and flying high.

Children are back in school in Yemen
7 February 2017 - UNICEF is supporting the renovation of schools damaged in the conflict, thanks to the generous contribution of donors and partners.

UNICEF Yemen Representative Meritxell Relano visit to Al-Qairawan School
25 January 2017 - In Yemen, nearly two years of a brutal conflict has disrupted the education of 350, 000 children in addition to 1.6 million who were already out of school due before the conflict escalated.

Millions of children displaced in Yemen
22 January 2017 - Millions of children in Yemen have been displaced since the conflict escalated in March 2015. They miss their homes, their schools and their normal lives. Here is what some of them had to tell

School Radio offers better learning environment for children in Yemen
11 January 2017– The well organised morning march just begun. Amina and her 13 year old classmate Najla of grade seven were giving awareness messages through School Radio.

For one child education is solution to Yemen violence
9 January 2017 - Before the conflict in Yemen escalated, 10-year-old Fahd lived peacefully with his family in the northern city of Sa’ada. His routine was to wake up every morning, go to school, play with friends in the evenings and go home for dinner...

Keeping Yemen’s fragile vaccine supply lines running
4 January 2017 - The long night had turned into morning. At 2:30 am UNICEF’s Mazen Al Hashedi was still at the airport, making frantic efforts to have vaccines worth US$ 2 million transported from the airport to the central store in Sana’a.

Forced out of school and displaced from home in Yemen as conflict rages
12 December 2016 - For ten year old Kolod, the gruesome memories of dead bodies flung all around her clubbed with the smell of blood seem to stalk her as she tries to go about her daily existence.

‘We could not take anything with us’: A boy’s story of the conflict and displacement in Yemen
12 December 2016 - “I miss home. I miss school. I miss everything there”, 14-year-old Elias Jameel summed up the challenge of living in a makeshift settlement at the outskirts of Sana’a.

Unconditional cash grants are a lifeline for a mother in Yemen
15 November 2016 – The Mahwa neighborhood in Taiz city is a slum packed with overcrowded shanties. It is not the kind of place suitable for a healthy living. But it is amazing how people survive here amidst disease and deprivation.

Nowhere to call home: A Yemeni mother’s life
1 November 2016 – For nearly a decade now, all that 42-year-old Um Ali has known is a life of displacement. She has experienced the bitterness of losing her loved ones in attacks, the deadly echoes of rocket fire and airstrikes and the daily trauma....

A mission to save lives in Yemen
27 October 2016 – “Hurry up, we can’t be late,” says Waleed. “If we don’t get there early, there’s a good chance we will miss out on meeting parents and their children.” He speaks in a hurried voice as we jump into a bulletproof car and speed off.

The fight against cholera in Yemen
25 October 2016 – For 35-year-old Um Arafat, things couldn’t get worse. After rushing her six-year-old son to the hospital for a suspected case of cholera, the mother of seven has now herself been diagnosed and admitted in a room next door.

In Yemen, a mother’s determination keeps her children in school
3 October 2016 – Meet Um Osama, a fighter in Yemen but with a different kind of cause. Armed with nothing but hope for a brighter and safer future for her children, the mother of two is determined that her children continue their education.

From sitting on the floor to the top of the class in Yemen
15 September 2016 – Rania, currently in Grade 8 at Al-Seddek School in Aden, is an incredible 13-year-old girl. Despite many challenges and pressures such as marginalization and poverty, she has continued to attend school, even in the throes of conflict.

A day in the life of a community midwife in Yemen
10 August 2016 – At 8:20 am, I arrived at the Bani Hushaysh District, due east of the Yemeni capital of Sana’a. The journey had started in the city at 7:00 am, and I was joined by UNICEF colleagues and staff from the Sana’a Governorate Health Office.

Averting a major health crisis in Yemen’s capital city
3 August 2016 – When conflict escalated in Yemen in March 2015, the resulting damage to infrastructure cut off electricity to a sewage treatment plant that turns human waste into harmless manure for fertilizing agricultural lands.

Back to school after fighting in Yemen’s conflict
20 July 2016 – The room was silent and dark except for the small dim light of a rechargeable lamp in the corner where 16-year-old Ahmed* was reading his books. Since Yemen plunged into a brutal conflict in March 2015 electricity has been severely affected

Families welcome vaccination campaign in Yemen
22 June, 2016 – When two young health workers knocked at his door to vaccinate his seven grandchildren, Abdul Aziz Mohammed Basaad welcomed them into his home. Many parents simply bring their children to the door to be vaccinated.

In Yemen, US$100 can save a life
5 May 2016 – Nestled in the heart of one of Sana’a’s many congested slums, is a single room with cold, bare walls that 33-year-old Nabeelah calls home. Inside, there is one bed, an open toilet and a small kitchen that can barely fit one person.

Helping children cope with violence in Yemen
14 April 2016 – “Boom! Boom!” a girl yells, before she and four others dive to the ground in unison. A few minutes later, one of them starts screaming. The others rise to their feet and begin to calm her down.

The midwife of Mukalla, Yemen
29 March 2016 – Entesar Saeed Bamoumen is a household name, here in the Roukeb district of the port city of Mukalla. You’ll see her criss-cross around the streets with her signature medical bag.

In Yemen, a young Messi from Sana’a
25 January 2016 – Few people may be be aware that superstar Lionel Messi, born and raised in central Argentina, was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency as a child. At age 13, he relocated to Spain to join FC Barcelona.

In Yemen, a classroom called home
18 January 2016 – For 37-year-old Mariyam, survival is a daily challenge. The days pass slowly, but it’s the evenings when pain and panic grip her. Her 13 children look to her for food, but there is none to offer.

Birth registration can facilitate family tracing in case of separation due to conflict
16 August 2016 - It’s a hot morning in Sana’a, Yemen’s capital, children and families wake up after yet another difficult night due to the ongoing conflict. Yet, with a smile they are ready to cope with the hard reality of everyday in Yemen.

About 175,000 vulnerable children received birth certificates in Yemen
17 December 2015 - “Birth registration is a door to everything and every place, as it grants legal status not only education. It is our role as parents to ensure this basic entitlement is fulfilled.”- said Abdulrahman, a father of two children.



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