Preliminary Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP)

A picture showing students being finally back to classrooms to continue their education while taking preventive measures like wearing masks and applying social distancing
UNICEF Yemen/2020/Mahmoud Al-Falsatiny


UNICEF, in partnership with the World Bank, WFP, and Save the Children, is developing Yemen’s largest-ever project for the Education sector.  This new project, entitled Restoring Education and Learning, represents a much-needed investment of 153 million USD into the education sector. The project financing will be provided jointly by the World Bank/International Development Association (100 million) and Global Partnership for Education (53 million), and the project overall will be managed by the World Bank.

This three year project will focus on ensuring continued school functioning through a package of support for schools that will benefit from the project, alongside upstream capacity development and support for alternative learning across Yemen. UNICEF, WFP, and Save the Children will work jointly to implement the project, with each agency taking responsibility for different components of the project – UNICEF will provide teacher incentives and allowances, educational supplies, school rehabilitation services, and capacity development; WFP will implement a school feeding program, and Save the Children will focus on teacher training, the production, printing and distribution of learning materials, and capacity development for school principals and administrative staff.     

As part of the project preparation, the three implementing partners have developed a draft Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP). The SEP defines a program for stakeholder engagement, including public information disclosure and consultation, throughout the entire project cycle, outlines the ways in which the project team will communicate with stakeholders, and includes a mechanism by which people can raise concerns, provide feedback, or make complaints about the project and any activities related to the project.

UNICEF is pleased to share this draft SEP, and welcomes all feedback on how to ensure strong and sustained engagement by all stakeholders with the project and its activities, throughout the project lifecycle.

Preliminary Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) document

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