Orientation Quiz

1. According to the World Report on Disability, how many people have a disability?

2. UNICEF has only just started to work on the issue of disability?

3. According to the WHO, disability is:

4. According to the World Report on Disability, what is the percentage of children with disabilities living in developing countries?

5. Which of the following should include data regarding children with disabilities:

6. According to the social and human rights model of disability, if a person in a wheelchair is unable to reach a ballot box and exercise the right to vote, it is because…

7. Equity and inclusion for children with disabilities means equal…

8. UNICEF uses communication for development (C4D) to address stigma and discrimination of children with disabilities and their families due to harmful…

9. According to the person-first terminology, which expression is appropriate?

10. When asking a person with disabilities a question, you should:

11. The rights of children and adolescents with disabilities addressed in both the CRC and CRPD.

12. The CRPD outlines that Governments must:

13. UNICEF’s work on disability should:

  1. Follow a human rights-based approach
  2. Have a focus on equity and reaching the most marginalized
  3. Have a focus on providing medical assistance
  4. Follow an inclusive development framework
  5. Numbers 1, 2, and 4



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