Waterfront: a periodic newsletter on water, sanitation, hygiene and the environment.

Issue 16 - Fall 2003
Safe water and sanitation as a basic human right, household water treatment, rainwater harvesting ... and reports from Kyoto, Madagascar, Uzbekistan, Guinea and other countries around the world.

Issue 15 - June 2002
School sanitation and health in Nigeria and India, targets for sustainable development, refuse management in Columbia, emergency programming, sanitation in Guinea and Thailand, and more...

Issue 14 - April 2000
The urban sanitation issue: issues and actions from the world’s poor urban areas.

Issue 13 - December 1999
The global agenda for children, emergencies, groundwater quality, sanitation, and more…

Issue 12 - December 1998
The environmental sanitation issue: 19 case studies from cities around the world.

Issue 11 - August 1998
Reports on drought, women and water and hygiene education from Zimbabwe, Haiti, Columbia, India, and more…

Issue 10 - October 1997
Joint programmes of action with partner agencies, wells in Madagascar, hygiene promotion in Cape Verde, and more…

Earlier Issues
Available upon request from UNICEF.