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- Subregions and regions of Africa [PDF, 35 KB]

- Progress in reducing child mortality by region [PDF, 64 KB]

- Health and the Millennium Development Goals [PDF, 111 KB]

- Sub-Saharan Africa bears an increasing burden of global [PDF, 140 KB]

- Subregional comparisons of under-five mortality rates in Africa [PDF, 125 KB]

- West Africa accounted for more than 40 per cent of Africa's child deaths in 2006 [PDF, 66 KB]

- Sub-Saharan Africa is making insufficient or no progress towards all of the health-related MDGs [ PDF, 92 KB]

- The main causes of child deaths in the World Health Organization’s Africa region, 2000 [PDF, 66 KB]

- Child nutrition in Africa’s subregions [PDF, 81 KB]

- Immunization rates have risen all across Africa in recent decades [PDF, 80 KB]

- Rising rates of antiretroviral coverage for HIV-positive pregnant women to prevent mother-to-child transmission [PDF, 49 KB]

- Educational differences by gender [ PDF, 87 KB ]