The panels are downloadable in parts.
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- Malawi: One country and its progress in child survival [PDF, 35 KB]

- South Africa: Saving children’s lives by scaling up early infant diagnosis [PDF, 36 KB]

- Sierra Leone: A unified plan gives hope of reducing maternal and child deaths from the world’s highest rates [PDF, 35 KB]

- Children of conflict: Helping them survive [PDF, 35 KB]

- Eritrea finds ways to reach the goal [PDF, 37 KB]

- Improving and harmonizing national health plans [PDF, 43 KB]

- Community partnerships in nutrition in Ethiopia, Malawi and Sudan [PDF, 31 KB]

- Ghana and Malawi: Improving access to clean water and sanitation facilities [PDF, 31 KB]

- Gambia, Morocco and Ghana: Expanding immunization services and saving children’s lives [PDF, 39 KB]

- Togo: Integrating interventions to accelerate progress on child survival [PDF, 31 KB]

- Community care boosts child survival in Niger [PDF, 67 KB]

- Making children the ‘absolute priority’ in Angola [PDF, 35 KB]

- The challenge of retaining and training skilled health workers [PDF, 35 KB]

- Egypt: A simple way to save young lives [PDF, 37 KB]

- The investment case for child survival and other health-related MDGs in sub-Saharan Africa [PDF, 81 KB]

- Joaquim Chissano - Why good governance means great things for Africa's children [PDF, 43 KB]

- Mobilizing mobile phones to improve health services [PDF, 70 KB]