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Central African Republic Crisis

Since December 2012, the Central African Republic has been facing a complex humanitarian and protection crisis.

In 2016, an estimated 2.3 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, including 1.2 million children.

Though the official numbers of people in need have declined since early 2015, the situation remains dire for many children. Some 139 children out of every 1,000 die before their fifth birthday, and 880 women out of every 100,000 die from pregnancy-related causes.

More than 1.2 million people are facing emergency levels of food insecurity, 41% of the children under five years of age suffer from chronic malnutrition,  and an estimated 39,000 children under 5 years will suffer from severe acute malnutrition (SAM).

As a result of the ongoing conflict, in October 2016  383,000 people were displaced in the Central African Republic. An additional 467,960 Central Africans have sought refuge in neighbouring countries.

Although children began to return to their classrooms in 2015, this progress was disrupted by conflict. The 2016-2017 school year has started on the 19th of September but in several towns and villages the persisting insecurity is keeping children out of school . One third of the children are not enrolled in school, and it’s estimated that only half of the health facilities nationwide are currently functional.

The child protection issues are still very dire: several hundreds of children are still enrolled in armed groups; an estimated 68% of the girls are married before 18; less than half of the births are registered

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