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Child Poverty Insights

An online publication on key issues of interest to the child poverty community of practice.

June 2011
A new look at an old problem: Why do so many poor children miss out on essential immunizations?
English | French

May 2011
Combating Poverty & Inequality: Structural Change, Social Policy and Politics
English | French

March 2011
Child Poverty, Policy and Evidence: Mainstreaming Children in International Development
English | French

February 2011
Escaping Poverty Traps – Children and Chronic Poverty
English | French

January 2011
Social Protection for All – An Agenda for Pro-Child Growth and Child Rights
English | French

November 2010
Just Give Money to the Poor - and Children Will Benefit
English | French

October 2010
Can the MDGs provide a pathway to social justice? The challenge of intersecting inequalities
English | French

September 2010
Rethinking Poverty: Report on the World Social Situation 2010
English | French

August 2010
The Spirit Level: Why Greater Equality makes Societies Stronger
English | French

July 2010
The Plundered Planet and The Bottom Billion: Why the mismanagement of nature matters for the world’s most vulnerable
English | French

April 2010
The Dynamics of Poverty
English | French

January 2010
Measuring policy effectiveness through impact evaluation
English | French



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