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Meeting objectives

Meeting objectives
• Exchange effective approaches to combating sexual exploitation of children in Africa
• Increase the knowledge and evidence on forms and causes of sexual exploitation and abuse of children
• Better understand social norms related to sexuality, gender and childhood/generation and its impact on sexual exploitation and abuse of children in Africa
• Discuss mechanisms to identify, document, and share effective intersectoral approaches to prevent and respond to sexual abuse and exploitation of children – including in conflict and post-conflict situations
• Support the active participation of a key number of African children and young people in the Africa Technical Preparatory Meeting and in preparations for the World Congress III

Expected Outcomes
• Identification of effective approaches and promising practices in combating the sexual exploitation and abuse of children in different parts of Africa. Identification of mechanisms to facilitate the exchange of experiences across the continent
• Key areas identified for follow-up in Africa in regard to the themes discussed during the meeting
• Identification of targets and time-bound goals for Africa to be presented at the World Congress III

























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