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Facts for Life (Congo)

© UNICEF/2008/Congo/ Graphik Noir
UNICEF/2008/Congo/ Graphik Noir
© UNICEF/2008/Congo/ Graphik Noir

"Les gestes qui sauvent” (Facts for Life, new formula) is part of a national communication initiative to promote child survival in Congo.

This set of communication material is intended for trainers and trainees and also caregivers, especially mothers.

It aims to ensure that caregivers, and particularly mothers-to-be, know and practice 12 simple, cost-effective and easy household behaviors to prevent or treat common diseases that kill most children in the Congo.  

These practices include, amongst others, exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months, sleeping under an insecticide-treated mosquito net, handwashing wth soap and use of oral rehydration salt for diarrhea.

The publications are the result of a partnership between UNICEF, the Ministry of Health, religious groups and the private sector. All the material was developed using a participative approach and are based on the experiential learning model.

Download the material:
• Trainers manual (French) [PDF 540KB]
• Animator's Guide (French) [PDF 770KB]
• Mother's Booklet (French) [PDF 3MB]







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